Hairi Bay temporarily received 3,100 votes, and the investors in the market sucked up the people

Hairi Bay temporarily received 3,100 votes, and the investors in the market sucked up the people.

The property market is hot and the demand for getting on the train is strong. The developers are rushing to attack at low prices. For example, the arrow is deployed in the string, and the new Panhai Riwan II in Baishijiao, Tai Po has been collecting tickets for the past few days. 3,100 votes, over-purchased more than 9 times, to attract all sources of tourists, and led by young users; developers also open demonstration units for long holidays, even if the weather has been repeated in recent days, the scene is still queued.

The low-priced new market in the urban area is highly sought after. The Beijing-based Baishijiao Hairiwan II in Dapu has a good day-to-day ticketing lock. The market news indicates that the stock has received more than 3,100 votes as of 8:00 last night. The first round of sales of 295 people, has recorded over-subscription more than 9 times. According to the sales arrangement, the batch of units will be intercepted tomorrow (23rd), and the lottery will be decided on Wednesday (24th) to determine the order and time of the picking, and will be sold this Saturday (27th). There will be no big time slots. It is sold by one passenger and one ticket, and each buyer is limited to one.

295 people on Saturday to sell

The developer also took part in the Easter long holiday and opened the exhibition hall of Shimen Shopping Mall. As soon as the reporter saw the scene on the scene yesterday, there were queues of people from time to time. The guests visited the site one after another. There was no fault in the flow of people, and the atmosphere was quite lively. Among them, young people are the mainstays. Many of them are couples who have made a special trip to visit and plan their future residence. At the scene, there were also family guests who were present with their children or elders to visit the demonstration units for family activities.

Due to the recent weather, developers have set up large outdoor tents to allow visitors to wait for the rain or block the sun. From the exhibition hall to the MTR export area, there are also a large number of agents stationed in the fishing, to grasp the opportunity to sell to passers-by.

The first batch of units entered the market with low barriers, attracting customers from all walks of life, including self-occupied users. Mr. Liu said that the target is to purchase the open-end unit for self-occupation. It is estimated that about 4 million or less will be purchased. The price is in line with its budget. It is bluntly saying that “you will buy it when you are expensive." He also said that he loves Baishijiao. The surrounding environment is good, and there are many nature and sports facilities. You can step on bicycles or run fitness in your free time. He added that if he can draw in this time, he is expected to purchase it for self-occupation, so he is not worried that the property price will fall.

75% of visitors in the New Territories

Bu Shaoming, chief executive of the United States Residential Department, said that the admission price of the board was attractive. Compared with the new districts in the same district, the first batch of units was still offered at a discount of 10%, in order to win the market.

At present, the number of entrants is still mainly in the New Territories, accounting for about 75%. The remaining visitors are Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Seven of the registered persons have become users, and some long-term investors have also attracted some of the long-term investors. The proportion is expected to be nearly 30%. It is expected that after the completion of the market, the rent will be as high as 40 yuan. There are many young people in the overall registration after eight or ninety. Accounted for more than 70%.

Liao Weiqiang, president of Lijiage, also said that the project is located in the New Territories and has potential for development. In addition, the demand for new discs in the region is quite large, but it is expected that the units available for sale in the future will be limited. Therefore, it is believed that the disc sales are not bad. He continued to point out that the main source of the project is concentrated in the New Territories, followed by the Kowloon area. The market demand is large. However, the new disk available for sale this year is limited. The new property may not be too much, which is expected to help accelerate the market. It is expected this year. With the launch of the new disk, the first-hand sales will be quite satisfactory.

Entrance price of 3.598 million

The first batch of the project involved 295 people, providing open-to-four-bedroom households with an area ranging from 243 to 1866. The price list was priced from 3.89 million to 28.747 million. The developer provided 4 payment methods, with a maximum discount of 7.5 for 105 days. %, the entire batch of real estate prices of 3.598 million to 26.616 million, the discounted price of 12,655 to 15,420 yuan, the average price of the real estate is about 13,774 yuan.

Among the batch of units, there are 40 groups of 1 households, and the discounted price is less than 6 million or less.