Buyers did not wait and see the timing of the market

This month’s policy address launched the Hong Kong people first set up the car plate, but this month the new disk sales to maintain heat, no Hong Kong people wait and see, users, investors continue to actively enter the market.

The impact of the first set of disk on the market psychology

Hong Kong people set the first home for the car source, but the car did not have plans to discourage the new disk. Reporters reported that this month the new disk market recorded about 1,200 transactions, of which more than half of about 700 for the policy address announced (11) after the record.

To the recent sale of large-scale new disk Tseung Kwan O Jinhai, for example, since the sale in September since the sale of each round are all sold. After the release of the policy address, the developers have also launched the Jinhai Phase II project. The 227th of the first round on Sunday (22nd) will also be given off. There are many young drivers who have bought their own cars. Many parents have also joined the children.

According to one of the large real estate agency revealed that the bank about 4 percent of the buyers after 80,90 young passengers, we can see that many competent buyers to seize the opportunity to enter the market, did not wait for the government to launch the first set on the car.

Another major unit of the new unit of the new ring on the ring My Central, each household are more than 10 million yuan last Friday (20) the first round of 80 also attracted a large number of buyers to the scene, including investors to spend 123 million yuan to buy 4 3 home, the investment atmosphere is quite strong, the new house policy has no impact on investors.

In view of the policy report after the introduction of policy, users, investors are still actively into the market, the pace of buyers into the market has not diminished, the market is still strong, and repeated high-priced transactions. If you take care of this month will be the sale of a number of projects and surplus goods, expected October full-hand turnover of up to 1,600 cases, with the first 9 months of this year, the average monthly turnover of about 1,600 partners, reflecting the buyer mentality Has not been affected by the policy address, there is no sign of slowing down the market.