Ho Man Tin Station Phase 2 today’s closing bid valuation is down 9%

The peak of the luxury residential area on the top of the mountain, dragging down the two-phase project of Ho Man Tin Station, which was intercepted today, has a surveyor downgrading the valuation by 9% to 1.279 million yuan, and the floor price is about 20,000 yuan, but it is expected to attract different developments. Commercial bidding, it is estimated that there are about 10 bids.

The Ho Man Tin Station Phase 2, which is located in the traditional mansion area, will be closed today. In addition to the dividend payable to the MTR (00066), the developer will be responsible for the fixed land payment of $7.49 billion and submit a self-determination. The pre-cost is for bidding.

The project received about 10 tenders

Lin Zibin, director of the American Association of Surveyors, said that the project received 31 letters of intent earlier, and the market responded well. In addition, the second stage is located in the front row. Some units can enjoy the sea view, which is attractive. The estimated market value of the land is about 11.5 billion yuan, the floor price of about 18,000 yuan.

However, due to the large scale of the project development, Lin Zibin expects that large-scale developers or consortiums will participate in the bidding, and the estimated number of entries is less than 10.

On the other hand, Zhang Jingda, executive director of Zhongyuan Surveyors, said that the property market has been flooded with negative news recently. The peak of Wenhui Road’s luxury residential land has also been unexpectedly flown. It is expected that the developer’s bid will also be conservative. Therefore, the valuation of the property will be adjusted from the original 14.06 billion yuan. As low as 12.79 billion yuan, the land price per square meter is 20,000 yuan, a reduction of 9%.

Zhang Jingda also believes that the project has the conditions for the development of luxury houses. In order to absorb high-quality land, the developers will still actively bid for the bidding, and still have the opportunity to record more than 10 bids.