New plate grabbing 10 big housing estates only 2 transactions in 2 days

Second-hand trading was quiet, with 3 transactions in 10 major housing estates recorded in the past weekend, less than 10 in 16 consecutive weeks. The landlord reduced the price of the building. The two houses in the Debao Garden of Ngau Tau Kok Estate were $5.5 million. The estimated price was over $1 million. The price of the first building in Sha Tin was $10 million. The transaction price was $12,000.

The large-scale new disk freezes the purchasing power of the market. Centaline Property pointed out that in the past 10 weekends, 3 large estates recorded 3 transactions, one by week, and 16 consecutive weeks from July. There are 7 zero-selling estates, including Tseung Kwan O Metro City and Quarry Bay Kornhill Garden.

As regards the property, the property was noted that the 10 major housing estates recorded 6 transactions, three more per week. The Midland Realty stated that it recorded two cases, one more per week. Hong Kong Property Property pointed out that there were 3 records, two more per week (the statistics of the estates are different).

The agent pointed out that the launch of a large-scale new market in the New Territories, the opening price of the market, and the new HOS and the White House two measures have made the buyers hesitant to enter the market. Together with a number of uncertainties, second-hand trading is unlikely to improve in the short term.

Debao two rooms, lost millions of hands

The new homes rushed to the passengers, the low market price of the boarding unit, and the two rooms of the Taupo Garden in Niutoujiao were reduced by 1 million yuan and sold for 5.5 million yuan. Huang Jiaming, senior business manager of Midland Realty, pointed out that the middle floor of Block C of Block C, with a usable area of ​​382 square feet, was put on the market for 3 months, and the price was 6.5 million yuan. The cumulative price reduction was 6 times, and finally it was 5.5 million yuan, which is the same as the same type. The monthly transaction price was 6 million yuan, the average price was 8%, and the price was 14,398 yuan.

The valuations of the two major banks were 6.76 million yuan and 6.33 million yuan respectively, that is, the transaction price ratio was estimated at a maximum of 1.26 million yuan, a 19% lower. The original owner entered the market for 4.368 million yuan in 2015, holding goods for 3 years, and the book profit was 1.13 million yuan, an appreciation of 26%.

Secondly, the E and E rooms of the 9th floor of Jinghuju, Jiahu Mountain Villa, Tianshuiwei, are separated by two rooms, with an area of ​​446 square feet and 442 square feet respectively, each of which is about 4.6 million yuan, and returns to the beginning of the year.

One-town building, Wanghu, low price of 12,000

In addition, the first city of Shatian, Wang Hu, has a low price of 12,000 yuan. There are 14 low-rise D rooms, with a practical area of ​​853 square feet. It is divided into 3 bedrooms and suites. The living room is connected to the terrace. It belongs to the large unit of the estate. It looks like the inner garden, and it refers to the price of 10.3 million yuan. Ten thousand yuan mark, the price of 12,075 yuan. The price of the same-unit unit this year has reached 11.5 million yuan, while the high-rise river view households have a construction cost of 13.28 million yuan. In the same area, there is a high-rise room A, No. 8 on the 8th floor of the bank. The utility area is 1,250 square feet. The owner originally requested the price of 30 million yuan. It was reduced to RMB 26.88 million yesterday.

As for Taikoo City, the leading estate, it has recorded 1 transaction in the past weekend. It is the high-rise room E of Kai Ting Court. The saleable area is 759 square feet. The transaction price is 16.7 million yuan, which is about 5% higher than the market price.