Ten largest housing estates for 16 consecutive weekend single digit transactions

The second-hand residential market was hampered by negative factors and the transaction continued to be sluggish. The three major real estate agencies accounted for less than 10 transactions in the past ten days. It is considered that unless second-hand owners wish to expand the bargaining range, it will be difficult for buyers to enter the market. .

According to the statistics of the Midland Real Estate Branch, only about 2 trades were recorded in the top ten blue-chip housing estates in the past weekend (20th to 21st), including Taikoo Town, Quarry Bay. Although it increased by one week, it continued to be low and continued. The number of units was recorded at 16 weekends.

Bu Shaoming, chief executive of Midland Real Estate, said that the market conditions in the periphery are unclear. Recently, there are more peaks in the peak of Wenhui Road, and the recent stock market volatility has kept the second-hand market on the sidelines. The new market in the New Territories has also rushed to buy customers, but the decline in second-hand property prices is not significant, which makes the purchasing power tilt toward the new one. As the developers are expected to actively push the market, the new market is relatively attractive. Second-hand prices will still be under pressure if the price is short-term. If the owners want to ship, they must widen the bargaining range. Otherwise, the short-term property market will still be unable to get rid of the “one-handed, second-hand static" polarization. situation.

The top ten housing estates in Central Plains have three transactions in the past two days, down by 1 or 25% per week. Chen Yongjie, vice president and head of the residential division of Zhongyuan Real Estate Asia Pacific, said that the property market turned worse, making buyers hesitate to enter the market. He said that the two new discs in the New Territories attracted the purchase price, locked up the purchasing power of a group of passengers, and the new round of HOS flats announced the results of the draw in November. The Sino-US trade war has not subsided. Second-hand urbanization is normal.