Langcheng Huixian Haijiu and push for bulk cargo, restraint price increase of about 2%

The prospects for the property market are unclear, and developers are looking for bulk cargoes. Zhuangshi China (00298)’s Tuen Mun Choi Hai pushed 100 groups yesterday, and simultaneously implemented the 175 sets of the first round of sales on Thursday (25th), accounting for nearly half of the total supply. The development of Yuen Long Langcheng Hui of the Huaying Group also uploaded a new batch of 216 price lists, vacating 504 groups in less than a week, which is equivalent to a total supply of 70%. It is expected to be sold within the fastest week.

Since the launch of the first batch of 75 people on Thursday (18th), Tuen Mun Choi Hai has continued to attract squatters. The developers have pushed up a total of 100 gangs yesterday. The saleable area is 162 to 447 square meters. The average price is 16125 yuan. Compared with the first price list of 15,791 yuan, a slight increase of about 2.1%, but there are still as many as 53 sets of discounted prices below 4 million yuan, including 2 sets of discounted price of 3 million yuan or less, that is, buyers It can be used to build a 90% mortgage, and the flat price unit is only 2,965,800 yuan. The total number of 175 gangs has a discount of less than $4 million.

Langcheng remittance code 216, tired to push 70% of units

The project simultaneously uploaded sales arrangements and implemented 175 sets of the first round of sales on Thursday. The market has received 500 votes as of yesterday, and the excess is about 1.9 times. Located at No. 101, Yewang Road, there are 371 pairs of strings in the sea, with a usable area of ​​162 to 954 square meters. The expected date of occupation is July 31, 2020.

As for Langcheng Hui, the 216 pairs were also pushed on the same day. The average price of the discount was 16,640 yuan, which was 16223 yuan more than the price of the 2nd price list announced 3 days ago. The increase was only 2.6%. The flattened unit is a 3rd floor E room with a practical area of ​​325 square feet. The discounted price is 5,139,900 yuan. Langchenghui has pushed 504 pairs on Tuesday (16th), accounting for 720 pairs of 70%. It is expected to have a positive confrontation with the string sea this week. The market has received 2,300 votes, 3.6 times. Langchenghui, located at No. 1 Maheng Road, offers 720 gangs with a usable area of ​​319 to 754 square meters. It is expected to be completed by the end of July 2020.

Other new discs also speeded up the push. The Beijing-based Baishijiao Hairiwan, which was developed by Yijing, also launched a 138-person bidding sale on Thursday, which is about 20.7% of the total 667, and the closing date is November 10. . According to the project’s book, 659 of them are tiered and featured households with a usable area of ​​447 to 2242 square meters; the other 8 are sea view bungalows with a usable area of ​​4084 to 4494 square meters. The 8 bungalows were all tenders.

The development of the International Group and other developments in Baishiwo Xincun Road 2 and 6 of the Yangfang project Shanglin, also entrusted DTZ to carry out a tender for the sale of 6 groups, the date of the tender closing on the 30th of the next month. According to the project data, the disc will provide 3 bedrooms with a usable area of ​​about 1696 to 2238 square meters. Ye Jianjun, executive director of Hong Kong Capital Markets, said that the sale of the project can be in the form of a company’s shareholding, with an estimated transaction price of 30,000 to 33,000 yuan.

More than half of the string sea is less than 4 million. Targeting Budget guests

Bu Shaoming, chief executive of the Midland Real Estate Department, believes that the current atmosphere of the property market is quiet, and several new discs are simultaneously attacking. The price of each of them is restrained, especially the 100 gangs newly added by the string sea, more than half of the units are less than 4 million yuan. Reflecting that developers are not asking for price, “I want to spread as much as possible as soon as possible. The buyers are all telling me that Budget is a guest, and that 90% of mortgages are required. Of course, public housing tenants are one of them." It has a stimulating effect on the project collection. For Hairiwan to launch more than one hundred bids in one breath, he said that it also reflects that developers are cautious about the market outlook. “The channel is positioned as a luxury home. It is difficult to sell the sun in a short period of time. The main purpose is to try to scare the water temperature. The market reaction will be the next step."

Affected by the stringing of the sea and the Langchenghui, comprehensive market news, only 5 transactions were recorded in the new market in the past two days, a total of 116 cases compared with the previous weekend, a sharp drop of about 95.7%.