East Asia H drop rate by cash rate, cash rebate up to 1.95%

The Bank is still actively pursuing the mortgage business. The Bank of East Asia (00023) reduced the coupon rate (H) from H plus 1.25% to H plus 1.24% and increased the cash rebate to 1.95%, reflecting the bank’s aggressive rush to ease interest rate hikes. Bringing a light atmosphere.

After Hong Kong entered the interest rate hike cycle, the bank’s current construction of the building is still positive. According to market sources, the H-share rate of the Bank of East Asia’s loans of more than RMB 3 million is currently at a minimum of H plus 1.24%, which is a decrease of 0.01% from the previous H plus 1.25%. It also increases the cash rebate from the original 1.85% to 1.95%. .

A spokesman for the Bank of East Asia said that the bank adjusted the mortgage plan from time to time in response to market conditions. H plus 1.24% interest rate is only available to individual customers, depending on the circumstances.

The interest rate is still high, the actual interest rate reduction is not effective.

As the current interest rate is still at a high level, the previous month’s one-month interest rate is about 1.55%. The actual interest rate is 2.79%, which is still higher than the lock limit of the H-release plan, which is 2.9%, and the actual interest rate is 2.475%. Therefore, the bank This is mainly to show the positive attitude of seizing the mortgage business, and it has little effect on the interest rate cuts for customers.

As for the cash rebate, HSBC and BOC (02388) are now able to provide a maximum of 2% rebate for the first-hand new market, depending on individual customer conditions and the quality of the mortgaged property. According to the news, it also extends to second-hand new mortgages to store more quality customers.

According to the data of the Meridian mortgage, East Asia has won the highest share of the mortgage market for two consecutive months, accounting for about 20%, while the market share of the four major banks in September ranged from 9% to 18.6%. Due to the narrow space for interest rate adjustment, it is believed that banks will mainly attract customers by increasing cash rebates or coupons.

In addition, the application for new HOS flats has been enthusiastic. The mortgage rate of HOS flats can be as good as that of private flats, which can be as low as 2.375%, but the rebate can be up to about 1.8% to 1.95%.