10 large housing estates increased 7 new prices this year’s new low

The decrease in the size of the small owners has stimulated the increase in the sales of the 10 largest housing estates in November by more than 50%. However, the price drop was obvious. The price of the seven estates hit a new low this year. The price of Taikoo City in Quarry Bay, the leading housing estate, was $18,257, down by nearly 14% month-on-month.

The newspaper reported the performance of the 10 major housing estates. As of November 29, a total of 105 transactions were recorded, up from 67 in October, up 57% month-on-month, after July of this year, the most prosperous in the past four months. The price of the low-priced housing estates has returned to $6 million or less. It has entered the scope of the high-margin mortgages. It has stimulated the loading of housing estates in Tin Shui Wai, Kingswood Villas, Sha Tin Town Centre and Ngau Tau Kiu Estate, with a monthly increase of 70%. Up to 3 times, among them, the Jiahu Villa recorded 36 transactions, the largest among the 10 largest housing estates.

The price of 2 rooms in Taikoo Shing

However, negative factors have shrouded the property market. The prices of the top 10 housing estates continued to bottom out. In November, the prices of eight housing estates fell. The price of Kang Yi Garden in Quarry Bay was reported at 15,947 yuan, down 14.6% month-on-month, ranking first in the decline. As for the price of seven housing estates, this year’s new low, including Taikoo Castle, which was strong in price in the past, was the latest price of 18,257 yuan in November. It fell below the 20,000-yuan mark and fell 13.6% month-on-month.

An agent from Taikoo City pointed out that the price innovation in November was low. In addition to the owner’s price reduction, another reason was that the three-bedroom suites with high prices and high-quality sea view households were not recorded in November. At present, the owner’s bargaining space is about 5%. There is also a selling price that is lower than the initial price of this year. Can refer to the high-rise room D of Nanhaige, covering an area of ​​488 square feet, with two rooms separated. The current price is 9.8 million yuan. Compared with the same room, the high-end households in the same room started trading at 10.18 million yuan in early March, about 4% lower.

The price dropped significantly. The Jiahu Villa recorded 36 cases this month. 80% of the units sold for less than 10,000 yuan, dragging down the price of November at 9,428 yuan, down 9.5% month-on-month, compared with July’s high of 11,800 yuan, down 20%. . It is worth mentioning that the city of Haiyi Peninsula in Ap Lei Chau has been in the market for nearly one month. It recorded the first transaction this month. It refers to 22 low-rise C rooms with an area of ​​581 square feet. It was sold for about 8.8 million yuan and the price was 15,146. Yuan, return to the beginning of the year.

December, the market is over 100

The industry believes that the increase in the number of owners who are willing to cut prices in the past two weeks has spurred a slight increase in second-hand trading. However, December is a traditionally weak market, and it is estimated that second-hand trading volume is still at a low level of around 100. Prospective buyers dominate the property market, the owners will not enter the market without reducing prices, second-hand property prices still have downward pressure.

As for the CVI, which reflects the bank’s valuation and the Central Plains Valuation Index (main bank), the latest report was 6.9 points, down 1.69 points per week, and was below 10 points for three consecutive weeks. The bank pointed out that the decline in property prices has shown signs of expansion. The New Territories have spread to the urban areas of Hong Kong and Kowloon. The market has begun to be comprehensive. I believe that the adjustment of property prices will continue.