New Home Ownership White Form 728 people compete for a group. The first number is only 14%.

The public is extremely hungry for the car. For the first time, the Housing Authority (hereinafter referred to as the Housing Authority), which sold for 50% of the market price, has a total of 4431 new homes. A total of 272,000 applications have been recorded, and about 61 people have competed for a group. The new homes completed the beading process yesterday. The applicants in the white form were the most competitive. A total of 145,500 people competed for 200 places, and a total of 728 people competed for one place, meaning that even if the first number was drawn, only one-seventh ( About 14%) chance to win. The result of the lottery was settled. Some developers immediately recruited to attract customers to the market. They also switched to the second-hand market on the same day. They bought the two-bedroom home in Tin Shui Court, Tin Shui Wai, with an unpaid land price of $3.5 million.

The new HOS flats in this year include Cheung Sha Wan Kai Lok Court, Kowloon East Kai Tak Kai Lam Court and Tung Chung Yu Tai Court. The price ranges from 1.181 million to 4,679,800 yuan, equivalent to a 50% discount on the market price, a total of 4431 huts and a half-green table. Family applicants who participated in the “Elderly Seniors Priority Building Plan" were the first to pick up the building, with 1,300 places; followed by general family applicants; singles only had the last 400 places and 200 green and white tables.

After two rounds of applications, this year’s new HOS flats received about 272,000 applications, a new high after the resale of new HOS flats in 2014. White watches accounted for about 236,000 copies, and about 36,000 green forms were applied. Among them, there are about 145,500 applications for white forms, which account for about 53% of the total applications. However, there are only 200 places in this category. Since the last 2 digits of the number are 38 applications, there are 1455 applications. Only about 14% of the opportunities were invited to pick up the building, and it was still difficult to win the day. At the scene of the Beating Ball Ceremony, Mr. Zheng, his girlfriend took the No. 38 in the name of the white form. Mr. Zheng was hard to hide the excitement. He said that the water was Kailang Court, but Yu Tai Court “will have to."

Green table family application competition is minimal

As for the green form application, there are 7500 applications, and the first two numbers are expected to pick up the building. For family applicants, there are about 90,500 white-label family guests, and the two numbers are more stable. There are 28,500 green-language family applications, and about 2,000 names are contested. The first seven numbers are available. Picking up the building, the competition is the smallest.

Last year, a total of about 104,700 applications were received from HOS flats, and about 45,000 household applications (about 43%) were applied. The number of applications in this period rose to about 119,000, which also increased to about 43.8%. The Chairman of the Housing Authority’s Subsidised Housing Unit, Mr Wong Wai-fai, estimates that the price of new HOS flats is linked to affordability. When the selling price is lowered, the proportion of household applicants will increase, reflecting that many families have urgent housing needs.

After the results of the new homes were blown out, Jiujian (00034)’s oil pond, Hai Aowan, took the opportunity to attract HOS flats to the guesthouse. Yang Congyong, general manager of Jiujian City Marketing and Sales Department, said that from the end of yesterday, visitors who hold the HOS application form can play games at the exhibition hall of Hai Ao Bay to obtain a 500 yuan cash coupon for the Prince Edward Center. There are about ten places per day. At the same time, we will shoot four major correspondent banks. From now until the end of the year, we will send the Octopus worth of 20,000 yuan to the two-room buyers, electric appliances, travel or supermarket cash coupons, and the number of each agent bank. The total value is 400,000 yuan.

Chen Yongjie, vice chairman of the Asia Pacific Real Estate and president of the residential sector, estimates that about 200,000 people will return to the private property market from the new home. A number of new HOS flats were bought into Tin Shui Wai Tin Shing Estate outside Tin Siu Wai Estate.

Stirring the beads, Bai Ju, 2.5 million, buy Tianshengyuan

One of the 80-year-old Bai Ju 2 winners recently considered buying the 9th floor of the Shengxian Pavilion in Block D of Tin Shing Court. The saleable area is 432 square feet. However, since it has applied for a new home, it will remain “heart" until this Wednesday (28th). I am very aware of the lottery number. However, I was informed that the lottery number was “Nothing in the top ten". The wish was lost. I bought the Tianshengyuan unit with an unpaid land price of $3.5 million. The transaction price was 8102 yuan, and some of the first period was paid by the parents. . In 2016, the original owner purchased the unpaid land price of 2.15 million yuan, and the book value was increased by 1.35 million yuan (about 62.8%). After deducting the additional stamp duty (SSD) of 10% of the property price, the book earned 1 million yuan. yuan.