Huaying 6 Yangfang first tender

The market conditions are quiet and unimpeded, and developers are launching new homes. The Huaying Group’s new building, No. 18, Bisha Road, Saigon, has been launched in the middle of this month. After the upload of the book in the middle of this month, the first batch of six bungalows was launched yesterday. The daily tender will be held on Monday (December 3). The price of up to 60,000 yuan has challenged the record of the price of the first-hand house in the New Territories.

Reference to Saigon Yinhai Peak Target price of 60,000

Wu Chongwu, the director of Huaying’s sales department, said that a total of 10 independent houses will be sold in the form of tenders. The bidding price is based on the recent transaction price of two new houses (Yinhaifeng and Yinjingfeng) in the same district. The price of about $60,000 is a challenge to the record of the $54,623 New Territories first-hand house price set by the Yinhaifeng A House in July this year. He also announced that Yin Jingfeng had the opportunity to record the first tender transaction in the short term.

Asked whether the downturn in the property market will affect sales, Wu Chongwu said that it has noticed that the recent TWELVE PEAKS of the Xindi (00016) Peak Super Bungalow project has been auctioned at a high price, and all the bungalows in the same department of He Wentian Tianzhu have also been cleared, reflecting the market demand for large-scale luxury homes. Still big, so I have confidence in the project sales.

There are 10 independent bungalows with a usable area of ​​3265 to 3987 square meters. The demonstration unit is now open for appointment.