“Dragon Bed" has only received 12 votes

The first price list of Tuen Mun Jing Yu, which is known as the “Dragon Bed", was launched at the price of nearly 17,000 yuan in the same district. The developers started collecting tickets yesterday. The citizens who visited the exhibition hall all day were sparse, even if The amount of the ticket dropped to 50,000 yuan did not help the ticket; the market news said that there were only 12 tickets for the three groups.

Visitors are sporadic

The interior developer, Jiayuan International (02768) and the development of the promotion of the domain, recently issued the first 73 price list, the average price of 16,937 yuan, not only in the first batch of the new plate in the same district, the price list The open unit with a usable area of ​​only 131 square meters has a higher price of 22,000 yuan. The project is located in the exhibition hall on the ground floor of the Yuet Hotel in Tuen Mun. It was opened for visitors and invoices. Only sporadic citizens were present. The market reported that there were only 3 groups of tickets for the whole day, and there were still a total of 12 tickets. The customer has 6 votes in total and is reported to be an investor. He intends to purchase an open-ended unit for rent collection. Located in No. 2, Qingmian Trail, Jingjing offers 356 groups with a usable area of ​​128 to 794 square meters. The project is expected to enter the end of September next year.

On the other hand, the super-luxury property was re-recorded, and the TWELVE PEAKS, the new house (00016), was launched in the single-day tender yesterday. It was sold for 458 million yuan, which was the same as the house No. 10 sold at the beginning of the week. Price, but the practical area of ​​Room 9 is relatively small, only 3657 square feet, so the transaction price is higher, reaching 225,239 yuan. New World (00017)’s North Point, Bai Weishan recorded the first transaction after the occupation. It was 3 rooms, 1 room, 19th floor, room A, with a practical area of ​​655 square meters, sold for 17.827 million yuan, and the price was 2.7278 million yuan.