Tuen Mun residential land price only lost 2.6%

The mosquito-type residential plot in Fuheng Village, Tuen Mun, was intercepted last month. Three tenders were received. It was rebuilt by Baoting for 83.19 million yuan, and the land price per floor (hereinafter referred to as the floor price) was 8,188 yuan. The Lands Department yesterday announced the price of the remaining two selected consortiums by secret ballot. One of the developers offered a price of 81 million yuan, which was only 2.6% lower than the winning bid price. The other losing consortium only entered the bid with 18.1 million yuan, and the floor price was 1781 yuan, which was only equivalent to 21.8% of the winning bid price. According to the data, the two selected consortiums in the land include the companies of Sino Land (00083) and Shunxing