The following year, the selling price of anonymous units was announced in 27 places, involving 15,200 nearly 80% of those not rebuffed

In the next fiscal year, there will be a plan to sell 272 residential flats to 15,200 applicants, down 20% on a year-to-year basis. Nearly 80% of the flats have not completed the rezoning process. Only 2,410 units were pushed in the next quarter, setting a new 6-year low. Another will be unprecedented in the bidding after 4 weeks, all announced bid on the spot.

In recent years, some Chinese companies have been accused of “epileptic" land grab. Prices have deviated from the market level and pushed up overall land prices and property prices. The Development Bureau announces that with the new fiscal year ending 2018-19, the Government will take new arrangements. After completing all the successful bidding transactions, the government publishes the bidding amount of all the remaining tenders by secret bearer about 4 weeks after bid opening.

Chinese capital is accused of “epileptic" robbed from the market

Secretary for Development Wong Wai-lun explained that the approach was to take into account that the market and even the general public are very concerned about land sales and selling prices and sometimes even regarded it as an indicator of market development and believed that the new measures could be made while ensuring the tender was successfully completed , Providing more market information for reference by stakeholders and responding to the market’s high regard for the land sales results and is expected to increase transparency.

A total of 27 flats to be sold for sale in the coming year are available for sale, involving about 15,200 flats, a 20% decrease from the previous year. Railway development projects have also been reduced to 4 flats, offering 4,250 flats, a 47% drop from the previous year. Although the estimated private premium and redevelopment of old buildings increased by 27% to 5,330 units, together with the URA project (680 units), the total supply of 25,500 units in the coming fiscal year decreased by 19% over the current year.

It is noteworthy that as many as 16 residential sites will be rezoned in the coming fiscal year, involving 11700 people, accounting for 77% of the total. As a result, only 4 sites will be available for sale in the first half of the year. Rough estimates provide about 1,600 sites , Equivalent to the fact that most of the land should be launched in the second half of the year, reflecting the considerable shortage of land that the Government can short-sell for sale.

Huang Wei Lun: supply only imaginary Yu property prices rose

In fact, there will be only 500 Yau Tong Expressway land sites to be launched in the coming quarter. Even with the addition of Yau Tong Venue (about 500), Wong Chuk Hang Station Phase 3 (about 1,200) As a result, the overall supply was only 2,410 units, down 38% from the same period of last year. It hit a six-year low after 2012/13.

For the reduction of potential land supply, Wong Wai-lun explained that he did not mind the impact on property prices and considered it an “imaginary number". For example, 32,000 were supplied in the current year but the actual supply was 25,500 and the availability of land for sale in the coming fiscal year More long-term housing strategy set 18,000 as more people, with confidence next year to push the amount will still be met.

Wong Wai-lun also added that the first car-on-site land at Anderson Road in Kwun Tong to be launched later this year involves 1,000 first-hand flats. If these units were to be brought into next year’s supply, they will sell 1.6 million units for the supply of the past five years The third highest and forecasted the amount of push-to-move for the next three quarters in 2018/19 will be more than in the previous quarter.

As for the unfinished land rezoning, the Director of Planning, Mr Li Kai-wing, said that nine of them were located at Kai Tak. The TPB will complete the rezoning process by mid-year. This batch of land is estimated to involve 9,000.

For the Financial Secretary, Mr Chan Mo-wave, who is concerned about first-hand sales tactics, Wong Wai-lun said the regulation of first-hand sales was handled by the Transport and Housing Bureau. The Government considers there is room for improvement and will explain later.