Peak Wisdom Road material 80,000 yuan per foot

There were 32 residential, commercial and industrial sites in the 2018/19 Land Sale List. There is no lack of market land for the King series. Among them, the 2,460,8,9 and 11 Mans Peak Road, Peak Peak, which are former senior civil servants’ quarters, Land (hereinafter referred to as Wenhui Road land), the market estimated that the floor price per square foot (hereinafter referred to as the floor price per square foot) easily up to 80,000 yuan, the challenge of all Hong Kong floor price per square foot of land parcels.

The site of Man Fai Road is located at the junction of Man Fai Road and Chau Fuk Road. The site is a large number of former public servants’ quarters. In recent years, units from Government Property Agency have been leased for a total area of ​​about 189,400 square feet and are classified as “Residential (Group C) Although the estimated gross floor area is only about 94,700 square feet, the market value is estimated at about 4.74 billion to 7.58 billion yuan and the floor price is between 50,000 and 80,000 yuan. If the land is eventually sold at a floor price of $ 80,000 per sq ft, the market surpasses the record price of $ 57,064,000 sold by Central Business District Merit Road in May last year to landfill floor markings.

Former government dormitory built super mansion

Centaline Property Surveyor Zhang Jingda believes that the peak has always been very little new supply, the site is estimated to be developed into a luxury home, developers will be contested, estimated floor price per square foot up to 80,000 yuan.

According to the statistics, the top lot of land approved by the Peak District is the land of Nirvoskey Hill Road which was acquired by Wharf (00004) and Nam Fung in July 2010 and is now being developed as MOUNT NICHOLSON. Lands Department In 2012, a small piece of land on Austin Road Peak was put into sale on the surface and later removed due to unsuccessful redevelopment.

In addition, Anderson Road, Kwun Tong and another residential land arranged for sale in the land surface is estimated to build a total of 75.35 million square feet of floor space, the industry’s highest valuation of 11.3 billion yuan, potential to become the area king, the floor price per square foot Up to 15,000 yuan.