Tung Tau Tsuen 4.08 million crown Hong Kong Green Form PRH flats Wang Zeng the ATM machine owner nine borrowers

The property market is on the rise. Many employers regard the property as a “cash dispenser" and frequently lend money to finance companies. In the Tung Tau Tsuen, a Dak Tau Tsuen housing flats with 9 records of lending, it was recently sold out with an uncompleted premium of $ 4.08 million and boarded the throne of the most expensive flat in Hong Kong without any premium. The original owner, One click, the other eight loans involving a total amount of more than 3.3 million yuan, equivalent to the transaction price of more than Bacheng.

Involving about 330 million accounted for Bacheng price

According to information provided by the Housing Authority, a total of 71 cases of non-subsidized land subsidized housing (including public housing and HOS flats) were temporarily recorded in February. Though the monthly reduction of 56.7% over the 164 cases in January this year, Broken top turnover of the event. When a usable area of ​​572 sq ft in the Tung Tau Tau Estate was settled with an uncompleted premium of $ 4.08 million, the territory-wide PRH record previously made by Aberdeen Wah Kwai Estate and Tai Wai Hing Mun Estate for $ 4.05 million , Then push up about 0.7%, foot price of about 7133 yuan.

Tung Tau Tsuen on the same area with the land transaction price is Yat Tung House middle 2 rooms, in October last year, the transaction price of 3.55 million yuan, excluding floor and landscape factors, the unit price of about 5 months ago, similar The unit rose sharply by about 14.9%. Estate Manager Fu Weicheng Sun Weiwen revealed that the public housing units in Hong Kong is the top floor 13 Sheng Shing House, which belongs to the inner view of 3 bedrooms, the original owner to the end of last year to 5 million yuan premium for sale, and to January initiative to cut the price to 4.5 million yuan, eventually won the same district buyers 4.08 million yuan to undertake, expected to become a new home of five.

Hong Hill Garden is not uproar 6.8 million broken top

Information from the Land Registry showed that the original owner entered the market as early as February 2003 with an uncompleted premium of $ 308,200 and carried nine deferred loans during the holding period, excluding the one-off charge to Hang Seng Bank (00011) in February 2003 A total of 305,700 yuan, the remaining eight loans involving a total amount of 3307000 yuan, equivalent to about 81.1% of the transaction price; As for the transaction price relative to the current purchase price, the appreciation of 3771800 yuan (about 12.2 times).

In addition, the production of the HOSK King Court Quarry Bay Hong Shan Garden also recorded high price transactions, the Great Wall Property Area Director Cai Yongshe said that 9 very low-rise G Room, a salable area of ​​592 square feet 3 bedrooms last month to not fill the land 680 The $ 50,000 hand-over beat the record set by 2 high-rise F rooms in November last year by a difference of $ 50,000 to become the most expensive penthouse for the flat that has not been replenished. The price is about $ 11,500. The original owner entered the market in February 2014 with an uncompensated land price of 4.18 million yuan and sold about 4 years later with a book value appreciation of 2.62 million yuan (about 62.7%). It is learned that the new buyer is a wealthy ten-year-old Kowloon public housing estate aged 40 and ransacked for several months at Quarry Bay. The final purchase price was $ 200,000 for the original owner and $ 6.8 million for the unit.

Tsui Lam Estate, Tseung Kwan O recorded a deal after the announcement of “Budget". Cecilia Cheung, manager of Centaline Property Branch, said that there are 12 rooms in the middle of Silin Building, with a usable area of ​​490 sq ft. It was awarded a contract late Wednesday (February 28) After the customer minus 200,000 yuan to not fill the land 3.3 million yuan to undertake, the cost of rewriting the estate did not make up the land price record, foot price of about 6735 yuan. The original owner bought in March 2014 an uncompensated land price of 409,000 yuan, carrying a gross profit of 2,891,000 yuan (about 7.1 times).