Lippo Center made a new high of 37,000

The cost of commercial buildings continued to be broken. A mid-level unit of Admiralty Lippo Center was sold at a price of 37,000 yuan per sq ft.

Market sources pointed out that the Lippo Center 2, 19th Floor, Room 2A, the building area of ​​1936 square feet, sold for 71.632 million yuan, price of 37,000 yuan, compared with the building before the highest price 35,000 yuan, higher than the 5.7%. It is understood that the transaction was carried out in the form of transfer of shares of the company, expected to save about 6.09 million yuan stamp duty.

According to the Land Registry, the original owner denounced the purchase of 40.8 million yuan in 2013, carrying a profit of 30.832 million yuan and holding a 75.6% appreciation of the carrying value for 5 years.

50 large building transaction month setback 30%

Affected by the Lunar New Year holiday, coupled with the fluctuation of the stock market, the transaction volume of Grade A commercial buildings obviously softened last month. According to APICS Research Data and Midland Business Data, only 18 transactions were recorded in February, the 50th largest index, down more than 30% on a month-to-month basis and reaching a fresh 16-month low.

In respect of commercial leasing, the market continued to record high-cost leasing cases at Units 3 to 5 of 70th Floor, Phase II, Central International Finance Center. The leasable area is about 3,300 square feet and is leased for 660,000 yuan at a rent of about 200 yuan per square foot. According to the information, the unit was leased for 201 yuan per square foot before the 2008 financial tsunami. The latest transaction has been close to the current level.

The Exchange Square, Block 3, 16th floor, all three floors, leasable area of ​​about 11,000 square feet, the monthly turnover of 1.65 million yuan, leasing about 150 yuan.