MALIBU posted the first batch of market price of 5.36 million at a discount of 14300 yuan per foot restraint

This year the first large-scale new set of more than 1,000 partners Telford Lot 5, Mauib U, Developers Chamber of Commerce Real Estate yesterday took advantage of “Budget" unveiled the debut of the first 320 bargain orders, the actual price of an average of $ 1.43 million , Slightly lower than in October last year, Xindi (00016) Jinhai II with the district the first price list, is posted market price of sale, admission fee of 5.361 million yuan, more ad hoc payment method to attract first guests.

Lower than Jinhai II first price list

Tauranga Phase 5 of Mauibu Tseung Kwan O first 320 320 mainly concentrated 2 and 3 1 to 3-bedroom units, yet to launch 4-bedroom, practical area of ​​367 to 801 square feet, priced from 6.829 million to 15.873 million yuan, The average price of 18,300 yuan foot price. Developers provide a maximum of 21.5% discount, down to an average of $ 1.43 million lower than the average price of less than 5 months ago, Pricing is fairly restrained; however, it is over 10% higher than the first batch of units in Jinhai to be sold in September last year. MALIBU is the flat unit is the flat 3B, 7th floor, Room E, for the practical area of ​​367 square feet 1 room, a discount of 5.361 million yuan, 14,600 yuan foot price.

The developer offers five payment options for MALIBU buyers and offers “first-home cash discount payment plan" for first-time buyers with a total discounted discount of up to 21.5%. After paying a 5% deposit, the developer can divide in 150 days 5 paid 1% of property prices, the balance paid in 180 days, the delivery period than 120 days cash payment plan more than 2 months.

5 payment programs attract first guest

Wong Kwong Yiu, Managing Director of Wheelock Real Estate, said the payment method for first home buyers was introduced to assist buyers to get on the vehicle. Exhibitors who present on the day of proofing show that they do not currently own the property on hand. The first batch of the project was launched at a relatively favorable price, with a certain discount to the Jinhai II adjacent to it, plus 8% to 10% fare increase for pushing materials. The group will launch the project in phases, temporarily promoting the sale of Block 2 and Block 3, involving a total of 1088 units. He disclosed that the demonstration units will be open for the purpose of visiting and collecting receipts. A large hand purchase group will also be set up with a maximum of 4 caps. The group will decide the time for picking up the flats according to the receipts and will be released as soon as next week. MALIBU, located at 1 Cannes Road, offers a total of 1600 units of 3 buildings with a usable floor area of ​​346 to 1344 square feet. It is expected to be completed by the end of May 2020.

Centaline Asia Pacific Vice Chairman Chen Yongjie said the first batch of MALIBU pricing close to the Tseung Kwan O South project, in line with market expectations, coupled with the developers to provide a variety of concessions, expected to obtain good sales. Midland Realty Director Chen Guangming said the first batch of MALIBU pricing is close to the new terminal inventory. Some of the units are lower than second-hand and are very competitive. They are expected to grab a large amount of purchasing power in the market. It is estimated that the short-term transaction volume of Tseung Kwan O will be reduced by about 30%.