Cheung Sha Wan,Tokyo Street 2,500 Partners to Sell Green Home for Sale

The “Green Home” program for Green Form public housing tenants is constant. The Housing Authority’s Subsidised Housing Unit held a brainstorming session yesterday. At the meeting, the Housing Department (HD) dished out six green homes, including Tokyo Street in Cheung Sha Wan, Chai Wan Road on Hong Kong Island, and Wang Chiu Road in Kowloon Bay. The fastest completion of the Tokyo Street Project, if eventually approved by the group, the project’s approximately 2,500 PRH units will be converted to Green Homes for sale and will be the second green home project. The application will be accepted as soon as possible this year in December and March next year. Picking a building.

Reporter: Tan Jingwen

In January this year, the Housing Authority’s Subsidised Housing Unit approved the green home ownership scheme, but it has not made a decision on the site selection and the number of units.

It is learnt that some members of the Housing Department and the Subsidised Housing Committee held a brainstorming session yesterday. The Department proposed six green homes to be selected for consideration by members. There are a number of urban markets involved, including public housing blocks in Cheung Sha Wan, Tonkin Street, Chai Wan Road, Kowloon Bay, Wang Chiu Road, North West Kowloon Reclamation, Tsing Yi Hing Hong Road and Sha Tin Fo Tan.

According to sources, among the six sites, members generally prefer to transfer the public housing sites in Tokyo Street to Green Homes for sale. A review of the data shows that there are six public housing blocks on the public housing blocks in Tokyo Street, and about 3,800 public housing units are expected to be completed in the third quarter of next year at the earliest. The project is located at the junction of Lai Chi Kok Road and Tokyo Street, near the Cheung Sha Wan MTR station and along the Fat Cheung Street via the Cheung Sha Wan Playground. It takes about a few minutes to reach the MTR station. However, the news indicated that the Department only recommended that four of them, about 2,500 units, be converted to Green Homes for sale while the rest be reserved for public rental housing.

Fo Tan project or sale separately

The source added that after the opinions of the HD were collected, a detailed study was required. Afterwards, the planning team and the subsidized housing group discussed the details of the sales arrangements and pricing. If it is eventually approved by the group, Tokyo Street will be the second green home project following Jingtai Court in Sanpugang. It is tentatively planned to accept applications for public housing tenants in December this year and pick buildings in March next year.

As for other public housing sites, it is also expected to be the site of the Green Home Living Project in the next few years. The only public housing project on Chai Wan Road on Hong Kong Island is located at the junction of Chai Wan Road, Wing Ping Street and New Ha Street. It takes about 15 minutes to walk to Chai Wan MTR Station. However, it is a single-block public housing estate and it is expected that only about 800 units will be built, and the fastest will be completed in the third quarter of 2022.

On the site of Sha Tin’s public housing estate in Sha Tin, the Chief Executive Lam Yiu-yin’s “Impression”, the group discussed the separate sale of the site, and changed only some of the units to Green Home. The remaining three sites for consideration by members will be completed between 2022 and 23 years. The Qinghong Road project in Tsing Yi is adjacent to the Qinghong Road Playground. There are two seats, about 2,900 units; the first phase of the Hongzhao Road project The nearby Richland Garden and Kai Yee Village can be built with about 2,700 units. It takes about 8 minutes walk from MTR Rainbow Station and 2,500 units from the first site of the North West Kowloon Reclamation Area.

Huang Yuanhui, chairman of the Housing Authority’s subsidised housing group, said yesterday that the number of units in the Green Home Ownership Scheme should be maintained at about 2,000 to 3,000 units, which will not only meet the needs of families but also will not affect the overall waiting time for public housing. He also said that the sale of the Tokyo Street project to Green Home is mainly a matter of developing a smaller scale than the Fo Tan project, and it can be coordinated in time. Huang stressed that according to Jingtaiyuan’s experience, after public housing in the urban areas was changed to Green Home, more than half of the returned PRH units were still in the urban area for WL applicants to choose.