Centaline Group Records Over RMB 5 Billion Commission in Hong Kong

Centaline Group announced its 2017 results. The transaction volume for the entire year was approximately RMB 1.1 trillion, with commission income of RMB 18.8 billion, a decrease of 6% for the whole year, and profit after tax of RMB 1.053 billion, a decrease of 17%. In Hong Kong, over RMB 5 billion in commission income was recorded last year, of which commissions from the Ministry of Housing exceeded RMB 3.8 billion and business and industry shops surpassed RMB 790 million. All three have reached record highs. During the period, a total of more than 61,000 rental and sale transactions were facilitated with a turnover of over 223 billion yuan.

The group stated that the overall real estate market situation was complex last year, and the prices of transactions in the mainland cities were affected by the repressive demand measures such as adjustments and adjustments. However, property prices continued to rise steadily. During the period, the total number of transactions of the Group in the Asia Pacific region and the Mainland exceeded 520,000.