The Gambier Mansion Rents the most expensive 130,000 per month

Liu Yuxiong was sold to Mrs. Chan’s East Mid-Levels Mansion, which was previously sold to Mrs. Chan Kyung-hwan. Yan Hui Tai Sau Hua Court was formally leased yesterday. The most expensive unit is Room A on the 5th floor, with a monthly rent of 13.2. Ten thousand yuan, the rent is about 80 yuan. The person in charge said that it will depend on the market response to push units to rent, and does not rule out the increase in the price of the same district.

Sau Woo Court named after her daughter

According to Wang Liwen, head of residential service Davies, who is in charge of renting, two fresh water units were launched yesterday to accept bookings for appointments. Among them, Room A on the 5th floor and double room on the 5th floor have a space of 1,653 square meters. All-inclusive monthly rent is 132,000 yuan, and rent is 80 yuan. Room B on the 5th floor is a three-bedroom space with a practical area of ​​1,130 square feet, a monthly rent of 88,000 yuan, and a lease of 77.9 yuan.

A review of the information, Josephine Court, was named after the name of the two daughters, Liu Xiuhua. It can be seen that “Dali Liu" loves the daughter deeply.

In addition, after Xiu Hua was born in 2009, Big Liu has used $74 million to win a blue diamond with more than seven cards named “Star of Josephine". Three years ago, he bought another 370 million yuan. The Blue Moon of Josephine’s twelve-card blue diamonds; later the 220 million pink diamond named The Sweet Josephine was given to the baby girl by 220 million.