Cai Zhizhong Nearly 100 million Far East Development Building

The atmosphere of commercial buildings is good, and investors have profited to leave. UFEAN Group (1323) announced that it purchased a full-floor 23rd floor of Central Far East Development Building held by Cai Zhizhong, a senior investor, for a total consideration of RMB146.3 million, involving an area of ​​approximately 7,316 sq ft and an average price of approximately RMB 20,000. As buyers purchase in the form of buying and selling companies, it is expected to save about 12 million yuan in stamp duty.

You Chuan pointed out that the current lease of the property to five tenants will be the operating office in Hong Kong upon expiry of the current lease.

35% year-on-year appreciation of holdings

According to reports, Cai Zhizhong bought the company in March last year in a form of company transfer with a total investment of 108 million yuan. It was put up for sale in November last year and is now sold for about 146 million yuan. The company holds a profit of 38 million yuan in approximately one year. During the period, the appreciation of 35%.

Cai Zhizhong described the newspaper yesterday as having a reasonable price, emphasizing that the goods were not sold out, but that the price had reached the level of the mind before it was sold. He said that the office buildings in the core districts of Central and Admiralty have appreciated by about 18% in the past year, but the unit value of the next one has appreciated by nearly 40%. After having outperformed the market, it decided to sell and exchange goods. He disclosed that other investment projects have been started and are expected to be re-entered in the market during the year, with a total investment of 2 billion yuan. In particular, the core commercial buildings on Hong Kong Island, such as Central, Sheung Wan and Wan Chai, will be invested mainly in Grade A and Grade B offices. .