One-Handed-Large-Luxury Six-Family Deal Involved In 650 Million KADOORIA Chuan Qiu Created 71,600 He Wentian Layered Building King

As the first-hand mansion was not affected by the outflow of funds from Hong Kong, the atmosphere was once again showing signs of warming. The market yesterday recorded six large-sized luxury transactions with a transaction value of half a million yuan or more. The total investment involved was approximately RMB 650 million. He cited KADOORIA, a subsidiary of CITIC Pacific (00267) CITIC Pacific Real Estate Development, to sell a top-level specialty household. The high price of about RMB 71,600 was found to create a new high for the price of the stratified residential building in Hewentian.

The market lacked large-scale push action and luxury homes rushed to break through. KADOORIA had a one-day auction yesterday, on the 7th floor of Kadoorie Road, with 7th Floor, connected with platform and rooftop special households, with a total area of ​​3019 square meters, 4 rooms and 3 sets of even more rooms, 423 square meters platform and 2829 square tower roofs, market sources said. The final sale price was RMB 216.2 million. The transaction price was the most expensive for the housing estate. The price rose to around RMB 71,600 in one fell swoop. This forced pressure on the 133 Ka Wing Li Road, the same project that changed hands with approximately RMB 69,700 per square foot last November. Underground garden unit, boarding the Ho Wen Tin layered residential property price building king, but the news remains to be confirmed, and everything is subject to the developer’s announcement.

The agent in the district revealed that the above-mentioned unit buyers are people living in Happy Valley.

Mid-Levels West Dunhuang 83.4 million is the most expensive project

The development of Fengtai Real Estate Co., Ltd. in Dundee of the Western Mid-Levels, sold on the same day a D room on the 28th floor with a saleable area of ​​1668 sq.ft., a room for 4 rooms and even a multi-purpose room. Feng Chai Asset Management Regional Director Wu Caiqin revealed that the transaction price 83,400,000 yuan, creating a new project price, the price of 50,000 yuan. The unit buyer is a company guest, which means that it is required to pay 30% of the property price for “hot taxation” to enter the market, involving a total amount of 25.02 million yuan, equivalent to a 3 bedroom flat adjacent to Chengde Villa with a 922-square-foot area.

In addition, SHKP (00016) Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon Station Tsim Sha Tsui raised the price of 4 units from 32% to 35% last week. It was put on sale yesterday and 3 teams were sold out, cashing in over 281.4 million yuan. The highest transaction price for the group is 20 Block 1 (Room 1), Room 83, Building A, with a total area of ​​1,481 square meters, a room with a total of more than 107.0 million baht and a price of about 68,000 yuan.

On the same day, the same Department of North Point Begonia sold a 1st Floor, Room B, with a saleable area of ​​1,173 sq.ft., a 3-room 1 unit with a multi-purpose room, a transaction price of 66.9 million yuan, and a price of approximately 57,000 yuan.

On the other hand, New World (00017), Sai Ying Pun, became more and more brave. Following the sale of 3 teams at the end of the previous weekend, it continued to sell 12 more teams yesterday. The transaction price was 6.638 million yuan to 10.847 million yuan, of which 10 were provided by developers. 88% at the highest price One-click “Super 88″ Mortgage Plan. The developer yesterday pushed a total of 54 units on the 5th price list. The saleable area ranged from 190 to 227 sq ft. The average discounted price was 32,700 yuan, which was 9.2% higher than the previous batch. Meanwhile, 17 of them were implemented this Friday. On the 20th, it was on sale and the price of the J room on the 31st floor was increased by about 2.4% to 10.278 million yuan.

Wu Shaoming, chief executive of the Midland Residential Property Department, said that recently the stock market has continued to fluctuate. Some investors have chosen to “set up shares for flats” and invested capital in the luxury residential market, which has shown signs of warming in the luxury residential market; Sensitivity is low, and the market intention is higher than other properties. However, he pointed out that since developers are generally more reluctant to sell and sell buildings in tender form, it is believed that there will be no substantial increase in the turnover of first-hand luxury homes.