In March, 766 cases were dropped 23% monthly

According to the report, in March, 766 cases were registered in commercial and industrial shops, which fell by 23% month-on-month.

According to data from the Comprehensive Land Registry of the Hong Kong Property Business Store Information Research Department, in March, the total number of registrations for commercial and industrial shops registered 766 cases, which fell by 23.3% month-on-month, involving a total amount of approximately RMB 9.112 billion, which fell by 9.6% month-on-month and terminated last month. The registered amount has stabilized at a level of more than 10 billion yuan for 4 consecutive months, reflecting the drop in the investment sentiment for commercial and industrial shops this month.

Industrial building dominates 67% of the total

According to the types of shops, the industrial and commercial shops in the previous month continued to be dominated by industrial buildings. In March, the number of industrial buildings recorded 515 registrations, a drop of 28.4% month-on-month, accounting for 67.2% of the total number of commercial and industrial shops, involving an amount of about 4.53 billion. Yuan, fell 5.8% on a monthly basis. In addition, 94 commercial buildings recorded a monthly decrease of 20.3%, involving a total of approximately 1.545 billion yuan, down 15.8% month-on-month. Shops recorded 157 cases, which fell 2.5% month-on-month and involved approximately 3.038 billion yuan, down 11.5% on a month-to-month basis.

According to the amount, there are 601 registrations of industrial and commercial properties with a registered value of 10 million yuan or less, accounting for nearly 78.5% of the total registered amount, involving an amount of about 1.965 billion yuan, reflecting that the commercial and industrial properties in the previous month had a turnover of 10 million yuan or less. More attention was paid to millions of transactions. Last month, a total of 11 cases were registered, 2 more than 9 in February. The purpose of the Zhonghuan included the sale of the whole building of the Tsuen Wan Prince Industrial Building with a registered fee of 1.29 billion yuan, and the sale of multiple shops on the Queen’s Road Central No. 9 in Central have also been changed to about 670 million yuan.

Huang Hancheng, chief executive of Meilian and Hi-Tech Industrial and Commercial Stores, stated that the prices of commercial and industrial shops have accumulated a certain amount of increase, and the transactions of industrial and commercial shops involving more than 100 million yuan have obviously increased compared with previous years. It is expected that the large-scale commercial and commercial transactions in the second quarter will continue to come. On the industrial side, the government reactivated its activation policy and attracted the consortium to purchase the entire industrial building for renovation and demolition purposes. Some consortia also intend to purchase industrial buildings for reconstruction. It is expected that big-handed sales will continue. On the commercial side, Huang Hancheng predicted that some floors in the Central Plaza are expected to be launched soon after the second quarter of the year. If the demolition sale is implemented, it will set off a commercial atmosphere. In addition, the retail market is picking up, and the performance of the berths is lagging behind, attracting investors to invest in shops, including core berths. It is believed that large transactions in the second quarter are expected to come.