Central Center shareholder completed the sub-building

The market’s interest in the 75% equity interest rate trading of the China Central will be completed within a short period of time. The shareholders will also initially complete the sub-areas arrangement. According to market sources, representatives of the owners will meet with the estate agent during the week and have the opportunity to announce details of the sale and lease. The veteran investor “Logistics Zhang" indicated that after the transaction was completed, two of them were sold and the price of each floor was intentionally priced at 55,000 yuan.

Cheung Kong (01113) announced at the end of last year that it would sell RMB 72.0 billion to 75% of the Queen’s Road Central’s Center in China to a consortium led by the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference member Lu Wenduan. The transaction would be completed before the beginning of next month, as buyers were assisted by investment banks in financing matters. Therefore, the transaction is expected to be implemented before and after the next Monday (on the 23rd). It is reported that due to the completion of the transaction, individual investors immediately sold part of the floor after the “conference” and contacted the agent to explain the details.

Logistic Zhang sells two floors each with 55,000

One of the shareholders, senior investor “Logistics Zhang” Zhang Shunyi, confirmed that he was allocated 4 floors and he was inclined to sell the 2nd floor of the 49th and 50th floors. The intention was to sell 55,000 yuan per floor, which would be calculated as about 25,000 square meters per floor area. At a level of more than 1.37 billion yuan, “there are already a few groups of customers who are leaning tight and respond well," and the remaining two floors will be used for long-term lease collection. According to the average purchase price when the consortium purchases from Changshi, it is calculated to be approximately RMB 33,000, that is, the increase is over 66%.

The original major shareholder in the transaction, China State Energy and Chemical Corporation, has sold its equity in full to Zhu Liyuehua, chief executive of Jin Lifeng (01031), Xu Rongmao, chairman of Shimao Real Estate (00813), and Mayamu, the “minibus king”, resulting in a 47-storey office building. In accordance with the distribution of stock rights, sub-division arrangements have been made, mainly divided by 5 groups of investors. It is reported that Ma Yamu, the major shareholder of the consortium, personally occupies 13 floors of the building, including the top 78 floor. “Cable King" Chen Bingzhi, together with investors Cai Zhizhong and Zhang Shunyi, has also been assigned 13 floors. New investors Xu Rongmao and Zhu Liyuehua, respectively, accounted for 9th and 7th floors. Instead, the leader of the deal, Lu Wenduan, only has 5 floors, including the lowest 19th floor.

According to sources, the reference price has been fixed on individual floors. For example, the 19th floor of the lowest floor of the saleable flats is intended to sell at a price of about 35,000 yuan and sell for about 880 million yuan. The highest building on the 78th floor of the saleable flats, based on the hot market conditions of the recent commercial buildings, was initially referenced to a price of about 57,000 yuan, and the price was more than 1.4 billion yuan, which challenged the new high of the building. However, some units will be used for rent collection and not all of them intend to sell.