Nanjin. Meet the shore Friday to sell 27 groups Open price challenge 30,000

The urban sub-units are popular, and the new disc prices for many major units have been increased. Aberdeen Nanjin. On the Friday (20th), Friday’s release of 27 gangs, among which, a group of open-type hawking prices reached 30,000 yuan, which is expected to challenge the open new high in the same district; Sai Ying ran a group of 12 gangs on a single day, raising the price by 45 groups, and It sold 17 of them on this Friday.

New market selling, Henderson (00012) Aberdeen Pan Pan Nanjin. On the other hand, there were 91 groups on the shore and they uploaded sales arrangements yesterday. They sold 27 people on Friday, but this time no big hand was given priority.

The 27 units, ranging in size from 183 to 265 square feet, of which 22 groups are open, the discounted selling price is from 4.44 million to 6.721 million yuan, and the discounted price is 24,269 to 28,531 yuan. 183 square feet, with a high price tag of 30,000 yuan, is expected to challenge the open new high in the same area.

Sai Ying Pan 瑧蓺 increase price and push 45 gangs

The New World (00017) Sai Ying Pun Estate will increase its price by 45 units. The unit has a saleable area of ​​190 to 227 square feet, all of which are open-plan units. The price list will be priced at 8.125 million to 8.273 million yuan, and the price will be 40,498 to 45,559 yuan. Individual units increase up to 2.4%. The developer also uploaded sales arrangements and sold 17 of them on Friday.

The project saw 12 out of the group yesterday, cashing more than RMB 90.33 million, and increasing the number of units under the project to 143, with a total cash outflow of over RMB 1.16 billion.