Everyone is happy to reorganize the strategy

Last year, the retailer warmed up. The Group Company (00341) increased nearly 50 outlets in Hong Kong. Its group chief executive, Rodney Cheng, pointed out during an exclusive interview. This year, he continued to increase the number of manpower and stores and reorganize the site selection strategy. The preferred location is “good location”. The ground floor shop will continue to expand the high-end casual dining brands, and at the same time, it will also expand the scope of the automatic ordering machine and reduce the waiting time for guests.

After quitting the East China market last year, everyone was happy to restructure the Mainland strategy. Rodriguez revealed that this year will expand the group’s territory in South China, adding 10 to 20 stores, and using special characteristics of siu mei.

The retail market is gradually warming up. Everyone is happy to expand. Since April 1st last year, the group has added 49 local stores and 10 fast food restaurants. Rodney acknowledged that in the past, fewer restaurants were set up, but the market has been weak for a year or two, and many good locations in the market have been vacated. Some of them have been stationed by peers and thus cut off passengers, putting pressure on their upstairs shops or shops. In addition to the fact that many of the guests are getting older and are struggling with stairs or a sense of difficulty, when setting up a new shop, they must be carefully selected.

The Luoyi Food and Beverage Industry has a fierce competition and needs to keep its customers fresh. Therefore, the Group adopted a multi-brand strategy. In recent years, the Group has vigorously promoted the “Mi Biao Array” and the “Shanghai 姥姥”, which is the flagship of Shanghai cuisine. Since last April, Add 6 and 3 branches respectively.

Different brands bring synergies

In September last year, the Group opened 6 food products at Fei Ming Wan, Pearl Plaza in Causeway Bay, including casual dining brands such as Da Le Fast Food, Spaghetti House, Shanghai Lao and Mi Xian Array. He pointed out that the department is a pilot site, gathering restaurants of different grades to meet different needs and eliciting synergies to boost people’s flow. However, he said frankly, “coming up with the market" and competing with each other are only the first-line differences. “Different types and price points Must be deep, wide, and not too flat."

In recent years, many restaurants have begun to apply technology. Everyone has used more than 10 stores to try automatic ordering machines, and some of them are in the hospital canteens, reducing the waiting time for guests. Luo said that the music is complicated and guests can request cashiers to “walk away from the milk, eat more food and less food”. The automatic ordering machine now has to be flexible. Otherwise, too many steps will annoy the guests. It means that the team will study the effectiveness and will consider continuing to expand the scope of the trial. The Group also considers the introduction of WeChat pay Hong Kong, Alipay and other electronic payments at its Hong Kong branch stores and is currently discussing with major banks and operating agencies. As for payment by mobile phone, a trial at a branch in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, as long as the QR code of the table is scanned with a mobile phone, the order can be paid and the payment can be completed, waiting for the staff to deliver meals.

Luo revealed that the number of manpower and stores will continue to increase in Hong Kong this year, while the mainland plans to add 10 to 20 stores along the lines of Guangzhou and Shenzhen. At the end of October last year, the Group closed only the remaining two East China stores and indicated that they did not intend to return to the East China market in the short term. He explained that in East China, guests only consider Hong Kong-style foods as their specialty food and beverages. “There is less returning customers.” Conversely, in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and other Guangdong provinces, their Cantonese menus are more patronizing and the stores will develop themselves. The menu, the spring chicken and ice-cream red bean ice that was introduced last year, is very popular. This year it is also planned to promote the characteristics of siu mei.

Some classic foods will offer discounts and benefits

This coincided with the 50th anniversary of the establishment of this year’s group. From February to March, the “New Year’s Eve Dinner" event was held. 1,500 people from the grassroots were invited to enjoy a pot-plate at their restaurants. He noticed that we will offer discounts for some of the classic foods, including risottos.