Tai Po Shallow Moon Bay Buyer Loss 1 Million in Material Loss

The Bank of East Asia (00023) sold off the silver master of the Beverly Hills Villas in Tai Po at a low market price, which has a psychological impact on the buyers in the region. According to market information, the No. 1 double-house in the shallow moon bay in the same district changed hands last month to 25 million yuan, and the buyer finally decided to leave the market. The estimated loss was about 1 million yuan.

According to the agent in the district, the No. 1 double house in the shallow moon bay has a total area of ​​2,005 square feet. At the end of last month, it was changed hands to 25 million yuan. The buyer failed to complete the transaction as scheduled, and the owner recently re-listed it for 26 million yuan. If at least 3% of the second-hand sale and purchase and the compensation of the two parties are commissioned, it is estimated that the loss of one party exceeds 1 million yuan to leave.

In addition, He Xin, the chief regional director of Lijiage Real Estate, revealed that the Dongdan Villa at Geneva Avenue in Tianshui, Sheshan, has a practical area of ​​approximately 1,815 square feet and is located at a distance of three rooms and three sets and sits north. The original landlord started the market in August last year. The original bid price was 28.8 million yuan, which was released for about half a year. The price reduction was 2.8 million yuan at the end of the day and the price was changed from 26 million yuan to 14,325 yuan. In October 2010, the original owner bought the above-mentioned unit for about RMB 268.86 million. It held goods for about 8 years and the book loss was about RMB 886,000. The value of the property fell by about 3%.