Hardware shop two weeks two fire arson case

The morning of two weeks of fire, about 10 upstairs residents wake up their sleep in the wake of their own evacuation, fire to the scene of the fire to extinguish, no one was injured, initially believe that there are suspicious , Column arson case handling, by the police follow up. Site for the Sheung Shui Patrol Street underground hardware store, 2 o’clock yesterday morning, the shop suddenly smoke, once heard the sound of explosions, neighborhood seeing the police, about 10 residents to evacuate, fire reported to the scene to rescue, shops Serious fire, the fire found the incident when the store was no one, but the lift pulled up, initially believe that the cause is suspicious, by the Tai Po District police investigation team to follow up the fourth team, the police notice 63-year-old surnamed Cao Help, she said no debt and grudges, the police are pursuing arson. 12 o’clock this morning when the door closed the door of a fire, a girl inhaled smoke but not hospital, fire broke into the shop fire, after the investigation is believed that the fan short-circuit accident, no doubt.