New owner Lin Zifeng 3 years 4 billion purchase exhibition property

Changkang mall new owners for the senior investors Lin Zifeng (round chart), Lin Zifeng since 2014 began to buy the big show malls, 3 years has purchased the sale of the nine shopping malls and more than 3100 parking spaces, a total investment More than $ 4.3 billion.

Changkang shopping malls in February this year by the billion German enterprises (Hong Kong) Limited to 1.1 billion investment, the property includes a and two shopping malls, a number of independent cooked food stalls and parking, etc., is also a large number of Lin Zifeng purchase The highest price among the sale and sale of shopping malls (see table).

Lin Zifeng each time to buy the leading shopping malls are purchased by different name companies, the newspaper looked through his purchase of the exhibition center of the nine companies found that all shareholders behind the offshore company (BVI), but the companies are using the same one Kwai Chung’s industrial building unit, and Lin Zifeng is the sole director of all companies.

Has challenged the management of the Housing Authority lost

In addition, Lin Zifeng has been in charge of the management of the property market and the Housing Authority litigation, in 2014, Aberdeen luxury shopping malls by Lin Zifeng’s Yi Jun Development Co., Ltd. to $ 520 million investment, the Housing Authority still has a mall management right. Subsequently, Yi Jun entered the Higher Court, asked the court to order a ban on the management of the mall, and declared that the OCs were replaced by the Housing Authority as the manager of the mall.

In April 2016, the High Court dismissed Elizumi’s claim and issued a provisional order to order Yee-jun to pay the costs to the Housing Authority and the Housing Authority would cease to be the manager of the mall. 11 hearing.