Chinese capital forces to seize the market value of commercial professionals

At the beginning of the reunification, the Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, in the heart of Central, was a political celebrity and witnessed the rise of Hong Kong in the world financial arena.

90% of Hong Kong people and 10% are mainlanders, but since 2000, more and more returnees are now responsible for the Mainland business, and most of them are overseas professionals. “Joined the company in Hong Kong in 1995, now is the Hong Kong Global Investment Banking Department in charge of Liu Bowei recall.

Over the past decade, more and more Chinese-funded financial institutions have come to Hong Kong to set up internationalization and acquire many old Hong Kong-funded financial institutions to promote the demand for office space in disguise. Reed in 08, the owners to sell land rights to the Construction Bank (00939), converted from the CCB building also opened in 2012.

97 years 101 Chinese shares now more than a thousand

Chinese investment in Hong Kong stocks influence, more difficult to ignore. 97 Hong Kong only 101 Chinese stocks, the market value of the market is only 20%. Twenty years, the rise of Chinese capital forces, as of the end of last year there are 1,002 Chinese shares listed in Hong Kong, accounting for nearly half of the total number of listed companies, accounting for the market value of the market to more than 63%.

Chinese companies have been in Hong Kong, associated with the mainland from the financial professionals also increased significantly. According to the survey conducted by the HKMA, between 2005 and 2014, 80% of investment banks and nearly 7% of private banks and wealth management organizations, employing more than 20%

However, Mr Lau said that the growing influence of Chinese investment does not mean that Hong Kong professionals are marginalized. “Hong Kong people have only faced the Hong Kong market from the past and now face the world market and have increased jobs in other areas."

Hong Kong Chinese-funded securities industry association honorary president Xie Yonghai said that China’s investment in Hong Kong, the opportunity in the 2008 financial tsunami foreign capital badly hurt, but the Chinese economy continues to grow rapidly, a large number of Chinese enterprises and capital have “going out" needs , So that the development opportunities for Chinese-funded brokers have increased significantly. “There were only about 8 Chinese-funded financial institutions in Hong Kong, but they have increased substantially in the past 10 years.

“63% of mainland investment in overseas capital is through Hong Kong, if there is no capital control, I believe there are more mainland funds in Hong Kong." Xie Yonghai mentioned that the mainland capital market is open to the two-way, so that Chinese-funded financial institutions in Hong Kong high.