The market to buy rent to increase the sea this month 40 rental

The market waiting to see a strong atmosphere, to increase the number of sub-leasing cases, Ap Lei Chau South Horizons recorded about 40 this month, rents, about ten yuan rent; occupation of housing estates in Yuen Long two rents rise, low-level unit monthly rent of 12,500 yuan , The lower back pick up about 4%.

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Ap Lei Chau South Island Peninsula this month, recorded about 40 of the lease transactions, only the past Saturday and Sunday, has recorded about 5 cases. Lu Jinghao, Chief District Manager, 2nd Branch, Hoi Yuen East Wing, Central Plains, said that some parents were informed of the result of the allocation. Therefore, the rents of the housing estates have picked up in the market for a long time. The level of the case.

Among them, the housing 23 high-rise B room, the practical area of ​​581 square feet, a set of two-bedroom plus multi-purpose room, garden, sea double view, the cage has decoration, the market price of 24,000 yuan, put only 2 to 3 days , That was to 23,000 yuan leasing, practical feet nearly 40 yuan.

Due to the lack of rentals in the estates, there are only 50 to 60, with only 10 of them, so that the rent will be paid in the short term, and the average rent of the estates will be increased from $ 38 last month. To 39 yuan this month, slightly up nearly 3%.

As for the redevelopment of Quarry Bay in Taikoo Shing, the owners were unwilling to sell their rents because of the decrease in the sale and purchase. Therefore, the units were temporarily closed or resold for rent. The rents of the estates rose from 185 to 185 in the previous month. Zhongguang Tai Gucheng senior regional business manager Zhang Guangyao said, Lushan Court high-rise C room, the practical area of ​​580 square feet, is the two-bedroom king, called rent 25,500 yuan, the cage business Wang Shan, put a week to 23,000 yuan Rented.

As for the Sha Tin Riverside Garden unit, the rent is stable at $ 50 level. Into the rich real estate Zhengxiong Wen said, housing F Block 4, the practical area of ​​242 square feet, by the area tenant rental, monthly rent 12300 yuan, 51 yuan rent. Tianshui Wai Baihui Garden 1 high-rise A room, the practical area of ​​597 square feet, is a set of 3 households, the owners put the key to the agent for 4 days to 14,000 yuan to rent.

The rental housing is also being leased quickly, and the rents in Yuen Long are expected to rise by about $ 41,000 and the lower level will rise by about 4%.

District agency pointed out that the world this month, about 80 leasing transactions, the largest supply of two rents, the average rent from 12,500 yuan to 13,000 yuan range. Even if the very low rental rent is also supported, such as a very low C room, the usable area of ​​429 square feet, to 12,500 yuan leased out of about 29 yuan to the owner to buy the price of 4.66 million yuan, the lease return 3.2%.

Earlier this month, very low rents of the two houses fell to 12,000 yuan, is to pick up 500 yuan, the rate of about 4%. Leasing trading Wang, the world is expected to lease this month, close to 100 levels.

Tian Jin 1 rent 16,500 diving plate ideal price

The other side of the new car 1 housing rental return ideal, Midland Realty Assistant Manager Huang Lizhen pointed out that Tseung Kwan O Tian Jin IIIA 3A Block Middle B room, the practical area of ​​352 square feet, monthly rent 16,500 yuan, 47 yuan rent. To buy the price of 4.69 million yuan, the lease return of 4.2%, belonging to the ideal level of the group.