New capital 3 3 rooms 880 million price of the sale

Tseung Kwan O private housing market this month, a sharp drop in the transaction, many owners are still insisting on the price of iron, but only a month to put the new capital of 3 large units, the owners accept the reality to adjust the bid, and finally to the market price of 8.08 million To sell.

The price of 9.5 million test water temperature

Located in the MTR Baolin station of the new capital of 3 will be the Court, is the same city of the new capital of the smallest, the house is also the most simple, only to provide four properties, interval only 2 rooms and 3 rooms suite In the position by the 1,2 period surrounded by view of the landscape and the inner landscape, the cost of less than 1 affordable, put the volume is also less than 2, so the transaction has always been sparse 3.

As for the one month before the release of a 3 low-rise F room, the largest area households, the practical area of ​​626 square feet, 3-room suite interval, located in the large single side, but the floor is low, , Although the unit has been Kyrgyzstan, the owners to test the way the price of water, the price of 9.5 million yuan, compared with similar units ranging from 820 million to 9 million yuan higher than the price, it can only attract the floor, Home counter.

And one heart in the region to find three home buyers, has been active in the future, the first choice of the new capital of 2 large units, but the fine 3 room is not enough, the big 3 rooms put only 4,5, More than 10 million yuan, during the lobby by the agent, hold a meeless attitude to visit the site, see the interval four is, and its convenience and not more than 2, plus the owner will bid to re-adjust the buyer see the floor Price in line with the budget to the market price of 8.08 million yuan transaction, the effective area of ​​12,907 yuan per square foot.

Large units of temporary 10 put 8.3 million

Intercontinental Tseung Kwan O Hang Hau Station Branch Regional Joint Director Liu Zhuohao said, the new capital of 3 large units has always been favored by the same district for the landlord, because the interval is seen, bid price than the two units of similar units, but due to less disk, the transaction is not More than the current three large units about 10 put, asking price from 8.3 million to 900 million range, and the transaction has been the same unit in the cost of the most affordable.