Star real estate: capital is not filled with property prices

The property market investment Wang, Star Real Estate (01560) Chairman Chen Wenhui that the market funds, interest rates are difficult to change, the overall property prices up the year. In terms of zoning, he looks at East Kowloon and Yuen Long for a long time to change the industrial and commercial properties.

This year the property market is ideal, regardless of residential and commercial prices have increased significantly, the financial industry Chen Wenhui analysis, the investment market is nothing more than the flow of funds and interest, and the key is sufficient funds: “market funds too much, need to find a way out, Generally prefer to invest in property, and the tightening of monetary policy and the strong supply of funds have not been changed.

Chen Wenhui continued analysis, do not rule out Hong Kong will raise interest rates, but believe that moderate, the impact on the investment market is limited. He believes that if there is a shortage of funds and flow in Hong Kong, is the market signal.

Central area of ​​the central lot of rents rose 1 into

On the industrial and commercial properties, the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States and the United States, District, the core area of ​​the rent must be strong, after all, the preferred financial institutions in Central, the rent rose 1 percent during the year.

In addition to the traditional business district, Chen Wenhui is very optimistic about the East Kowloon. In fact, the group has invested heavily in the area this year with a total floor area of ​​about 82,434 square feet and an estimated price of about $ 9,219 at $ 760 million at Sheung Yuk Street, Kwun Tong. The Group also purchased the same area Dacheng Street, Building Building, the whole building, priced at about 380 million yuan, the reconstruction of the floor up to 72,000 square feet. Two projects involving a total of about 1.14 billion yuan.

Mr Chan said that the two projects were redeveloped in commercial buildings: “Long-term Air East Kowloon, due to the proximity of Kai Tak, the future is more complete, the two properties are located in the coastal location, after the re-enjoy the full sea." He also expected the formation of East Kowloon New business circle, and the area of ​​commercial buildings in the high quality, floor, large rent only 30 yuan, far more than the Central, Queensland low, of course, the future supply of the area a lot, time to digest.

Yuen Long 500,000 people commercial floor is insufficient

In the New Territories, he is optimistic about the prospects of Yuen Long. In the past year or so, he has also purchased land in the district. For example, at the beginning of last year, he bought the Yufeng Industrial Building, No. 223, Hongye South Street, Yuen Long.

He said that although the activation project, but the refurbishment of the project is relatively large reconstruction, is expected to be completed next year, the third quarter of this year can be launched for sale. Yuen Long District has always been dominated by residential and few commercial projects. He has seen this phenomenon. Therefore, there is a rare building in the area of ​​sale: “There are about 500,000 people in Yuen Long and the new residential buildings in the future. But the lack of long-term, nearly a decade did not Ha Ha launched.

He said that if the company opened in Yuen Long, to attract people to work in the district, working families do not have daily travel to Central, with a certain attraction. The total length of the project is about 110,000 square feet of floor, providing fine units, at least 10,000 yuan.

In addition, the Group has acquired the FedEx World Service Center, 21, Hong Kong West Street, Yuen Long, for about $ 340 million. He will be able to develop into residential estates through land premium. He said he will be the first residential project in the group: “Residential is always the mainstream, The group is hoping to get involved, and the project is