Connecting Yau Ma Tei Kai Tak trunk line by 3 times the cost

Looking forward to the construction of a fully enclosed enclosure in the Kowloon Route in 2012, four major members of the DAB, including Mr Yeung Sui, Ye Ao-dong, Chen Shaotang and Zhong Gang Wu, Open letter; Yau Tsim Mong District Council also discussed the proposal in 2013.

A total length of 4.7 km in the Kowloon route, from Yau Ma Tei to Kai Tak and Kowloon Bay Road, via Ho Man Tin, To Kwa Wan and other areas. The Government estimated the cost of construction in 2002 about 10 billion yuan, the latest cost has increased to 42.36 billion yuan, an increase of more than 3 times.

Reconstruction of the flyover to the public car park

According to the Highways Department, the Central Kowloon Route is 4.7 kilometers long and uses a two-way three-lane carriageway design. 3.9 km of tunnels are constructed using “digging backfill" and drilling and drilling, passing through Ho Man Tin and To Kwa Wan.

In addition to the construction of the Kowloon Route, the Government will rebuild the Chechen Road Flyover, which is about 300 meters west of Nathan Road, and relocate public facilities such as Yau Ma Tei Public Library and Jade Trader Market affected by the works and to remove Yau Ma Tei Public car park. Authorities said that if the Finance Committee approved the funding, the fastest in the third quarter of this year to start the project, and completed in 2025.

Leung Mei Fen provides berths in the area

Members of the Legislative Council, Mr Leung Mei Fen, are concerned that the Government will remove 770 private car berths in the area after clearing the public car park in Yau Ma Tei, asking the Government to make the transitional arrangements and provide the corresponding berths to the motorists in the district. Another nine West legislator Mao Mengjing that 670 million yuan of sound insulation project cost is high, but to reduce the impact of roads on the residents, it is necessary to do noise mitigation measures.