Huang Zhukeng standard center was 1.48 billion purchase

Huang Zhu Hang business district prospects, to attract the consortium attention. News that the center of the center of the whole building blocks, the consortium to 1.48 billion yuan to buy, expected short-term change hands.

Earlier, the owners of the sale of Wong Chuk Hang Road on the 23th standard center of the whole building, was approved by the multi-channel consortium. News that the consortium bid of 1.48 billion yuan, has been close to the intention of the price, is expected to change hands in the short term.

15-storey building blocks

The property is located at Wong Chuk Hang Road, which is one of the area’s designated shopping malls, which is 15 floors high. The site area is about 7,148 square feet. At the end of 2015, the subsidy will be 10.47 million yuan, which can be redeveloped for commercial purposes. Face about 107,000 square feet. To 14.8 billion market value, the floor price of about 13,800 yuan.

In fact, since this year after the opening of the Hong Kong Island Port Hong Kong Island, Huang Zhu Hang all the building blocks to become the object of the consortium. A recent transaction for the Zhixing Industrial Building, the whole building to about 1.2 billion turnover, the floor price of about 8,700 yuan, the new buyers to the hands of the old family to build a high voice. If the final standard center change hands, will become this year, Huang Zhu Hang 4, the whole building of the property, reflecting the consortium optimistic about the prospects for the area.

Chairman of the Central Plains (Commerce and Industry) Shop, said that the area is about 1,000 square feet and is about $ 216.8 million. The property is changed in hand. The original owner in 2009 to 113 million yuan to buy the shop, transferred book profit of about 103.8 million yuan, the property appreciation of about 92%.