Hong Kong King Peak high-level silver master disk 46.7 million shoot

Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong King Kee Silver is sold at the auction site at $ 200,000, priced at $ 46.7 million.

Tianma Court no lease floor 3.5 million sale

The above units are Hong Kong King Peak 2 F and G rooms with an area of 913 and 957 sq ft and a total of 1,870 sq ft. The units were held by two persons and were auctioned by the silver owner at a asking price of $ 46.5 million. A buyer was $ 46.7 million, which was $ 200,000 higher and $ 24,973.

In addition, Wong Tai Sin Tin Ma Court A low-level 2 rooms, an area of 415 square feet, by the court order to launch, but not to provide the lease, asking price of 3.02 million yuan, the final sale of 3.5 million yuan, higher than the price of 48 million High 16%. Unit price of about 8,434 yuan, compared with the market value of about 11,000 yuan, about two percent.

As for Tsuen Tsuen Tsuen Tsuen Tsuen Tsuen, there are owners of large eclipse to leave, the first floor of the project linked to the shop, an area of 96 square feet, yesterday offer 790,000 yuan to sell, to 810,000 yuan to sell. Compared with 2014 when the purchase price of 3.266 million yuan, 2.44 million yuan lower, eclipse up to 75%.