Mobil House King 1488 million sold for half the price of 15,000

The United States announced that after the announcement of the contract, the second-hand market, with more than 10 million yuan yuan turnover, the latest Lai Chi Kok Mei Fu Village “wing sea" households to 14.88 million yuan sales, foot price approaching 15,000 yuan.

Mid-level set of 3 rooms open to open the park view

Midland Real Estate Senior Business Manager Lin Haicheng pointed out that the estate of Broadway Street No. 54 middle C room, the principle of 3 rooms with suites interval, the practical area of ​​994 square feet. The unit is a “wing sea" high-quality households, looking out to open the park view, the buyer to 14.88 million yuan to undertake, 14,970 yuan per square foot, belonging to the highest housing estates. The original owner in 1994 to 3.5 million yuan into the market, holding 23 years, 3.3 times the appreciation.

At present, the sale price of Meifu Village is RMB 15,214, which was recorded at the beginning of this year. The unit area was 1,446 sq ft and a parking space was sold for $ 22 million.

However, if the parking price of the market value of about $ 1.3 million is deducted, the unit price is about $ 14,315. Therefore, the latest “wing sea" price can be regarded as a new target. In addition, this month Mobil Village 28 transactions, compared with 8 cases in August, anxious by 2.5 times.

Collar are high-level 4 rooms 1280 million sold

Under the new disk effect, Tseung Kwan O estates are linked to the property chain. Central Plains real estate sub-district business manager Wu Jinji said that the collar are a high-level LA room, the practical area of ​​980 square feet, is 4-room interval, to 12.8 million yuan to sell, 13,061 yuan per square foot. The property prices hit a new high of the sunrise Cannes, the original owner in 2010 to 7.58 million yuan to purchase units, holding for 7 years, resale profit of 5.22 million yuan, 69% appreciation.

In addition, the Central Plains broker index CSI latest news 67.19 points, slightly lower by 1.20 points. I believe the market sentiment positive positive positive, the index steadily upward, to 75 points level as the goal.