Long Fat Village Sale of 6789 Tsing Yi Green Table Public Housing High Height

The public housing subsidy policy will be implemented in the next month to promote the rapid increase in the cost of public housing units in the districts. A two-bedroom unit of Tsing Yi Long Fat Village will be charged at 6,789 yuan Public housing prices higher.

Market news revealed that Tsing Yi Long Fat Village, the middle floor of 26 rooms, the practical area of ​​355 square feet, the original owners in 2007 to about 157,000 yuan to the Housing Authority to purchase, just to green table price of 2.41 million yuan (not land premium) Change hands, foot price of 6,789 yuan, a green table public housing in the area of ​​new high prices. The original owners hold the book 10 years profit of 225.3 million yuan to leave, during the appreciation of 14 times.

Jinglin Village Price per foot 14817

As for the free market of public housing, the six districts of the King’s Village, Tseung Kwan O, with a total area of ​​164 sq ft and an open space. The original owner purchased the unit from the Housing Authority for $ 66,500 in 2001, $ 10,800 / sq ft, equivalent to the new flats in the same district, and 5th in the territory of Hong Kong.

In addition, Fanling Huaming Village Fuming floor high 8 rooms, the practical area of ​​385 square feet, can be used for 2 room interval, just in the free market to 322 million change hands, 8,364 yuan per square foot, is the ideal price level.