Mid-level mountain clouds house 300 million put

The United States announced the start of the schedules, which did not affect the luxury market in Hong Kong. There was a house in the Mid-Levels of Baoyun Road, which was $ 380 million.

Junlin high 32.8 million turnover

Market sources revealed a house with a private area of 4,680 sq ft and a 2,770-foot garden with a private pool in the Mid-Levels West, with a private pool of $ 45 million in 2003 and two years ago, Once called 550 million yuan, recently there are several prospective buyers contact, and ultimately to about 380 million yuan hand, foot price of 81,000 yuan.

In addition, the market news revealed that the Kowloon station in the world three high-level D room, the practical area of 1,062 square feet, belonging to the 3-room interval, just parking spaces to 32.8 million yuan change hands, foot price of 30,900 yuan, is the ideal price level. The original owner in 2009 to 2,134 million purchase, holding 8 years profit of 11.46 million yuan to leave.