The entire building of Muchang Street is 250 million baht

The entire building of Muchang Street is 250 million baht. The industrial building has an appreciation of 124 times in 41 years.

The entire building has a reconstruction value and was awarded a high price by the consortium. The whole building, No. 9 Muchang Street, To Kwa Wan, has just changed hands by 250 million yuan, and the property has appreciated by 124 times in 41 years.

According to the Land Registry, the entire building of No. 9 Muchang Street was sold to Huiye Development Co., Ltd. for RMB 250 million. The director of the company is Lin Jiali. The original owner bought it for 2 million yuan in 1978, and the book made a big profit of 248 million yuan, an increase of 124 times.

The total site area of ​​the property is approximately 11750 square feet. It is a 3-storey industrial building and is now leased to a vehicle repair center. As the project is located in the comprehensive development zone, the total area of ​​the residential development can be 673,826 square feet, and the non-residential area is about 1,350,88 square meters.

The site is located at 5 to 7 Muchang Street and 70 to 78 Songwon Tai Road, the former Oriental Yarn Factory and the Good Harvest Air Transport Centre. The property has been requisitioned for more than 6 years and no development plan has been implemented.

In addition, the Pui Xin Group sold 10 industrial units and 3 parking spaces at Tianhui Industrial Centre, No. 3, Xingwang Street, Tuen Mun, for a price of 85 million yuan. According to the Land Registry, the batch of units was purchased by the Peixin Group in phases from 1993. The total purchase price was about 5.026 million yuan. Today, the company earned a price of 799.735 million yuan, an appreciation of 15.9 times.