Xianghua Village 1 room, the price of 11,000 high

Xianghua Village 1 room, the price of 11,000 high

The second-line property price was the first to break the top. One-bedroom home in Xianghua Village, Fanling, which was sold at a price of 11,119 yuan in the free market, hit a new high and the new buyer subletted to buy.

Yao Zifeng, the sales manager of Midland Realty Branch, pointed out that the 6th floor of the middle floor of Xiangyu Building in Xianghua Village has a usable area of ​​277 square feet. It is now a one-bedroom interval with a price of 3.3 million yuan. The unit was released for about one year and was eventually awarded RMB 3.08 million by the tenant. Even the land price) was purchased for the car, and the price was 11,119 yuan.

The original owner purchased the unit in October 2015 for 2.38 million yuan, holding more than 3 years of goods, and the book profit was 700,000 yuan, an appreciation of 29%.

The high-rise of Tianping Village has a land price of 3.7 million

Secondly, according to the EPRC economic real estate database, the 15th floor of the high-rise Tianyi Building in Tianping Village, Sheung Shui, has a usable area of ​​381 square feet, with a price of 3.7 million yuan (with land price), and the price is 9,711 yuan. The original owner purchased the unit for 2.7 million yuan in September 2016, with an appreciation of 1 million yuan, an increase of 37%. The transaction is related to a property price of 10%, which is an additional stamp duty of 370,000 yuan. After deducting the tax, the book earns 630,000 yuan.

Another Century 21 Qifeng Branch Manager Wang Zhaochang said that the middle floor of the 5th floor of Yunwei Garden, Dawei, has a practical area of ​​428 square feet and 2 rooms. With a price of 5.66 million yuan on the free market, the price was 13,224 yuan.