Green House, Li Tsui Court, single guest, the first 3 number is expected to pick up the building

Green House, Li Tsui Court, single guest, the first 3 number is expected to pick up the building

The Housing Authority (hereinafter referred to as the Housing Authority) Green Forms Homes Scheme (hereinafter referred to as Green House) has been the first one to be launched in Cheung Sha Wan, Tsui Wan Estate. It has received more than 40000 applications and oversubscribed. 14.7 times, about 16 people compete for one unit. The project was smashed yesterday. It is estimated that single applicants who are drawing the first three numbers are expected to pick up the building. Other applicants will have to take the first six numbers to have a chance.

The remaining applicants have the odds of the first 6 number.

Li Ting Court, which is priced at 42% of the market price, held a beating ceremony yesterday. The Chairman of the Housing Authority Sub-committee, Mr Wong Wai-fai, presided over the computer to draw 100 numbers. The first 10 numbers were “48, 58, 69, 21, 29 , 80, 46, 02, 89, 49”, the number represents the last two digits of the application number.

Huang Yuanhui said that one bead represents 400 applicants. In this issue, Green House has a total of 2,545 units, of which 250 are reserved for singles. The first three numbers are available for picking. Family applicants account for about 2,500 places, and 750 units are given to applicants who have elderly families. It is estimated that the first six numbers will have “winning”.

He pointed out that in the current application, more than 16,000 applicants were selected for the elderly with priority housing selection schemes, more than 15,000 were for family applications, and more than 8,000 were single applications. Single applicants have a high proportion of applications, accounting for about 20% of the total. In each public housing sector, about 10% of the flats will be reserved for single persons. The next phase of Green House has not yet been launched.

Yesterday, about 20 people came to watch the beading. Among them, the Peng’s couple who married last year and lived in Tai Wai Public Housing took the No. 69 Bead No. 69. They were very excited about the opportunity to pick up the building when they applied for the first time. Mr. Peng’s favorite two-bedroom unit will immediately plan to have a family plan.

Huang Yuanhui likes a table and two pumping convenience

In the current simplified application process for the Green Homes Scheme, 28,000 applications were referred to the Green Homes Scheme by the “Sale Home Ownership Scheme Unit 2018” which has been smashed. Huang Yuanhui believes that the practice of one meter and two draws is very good. It can facilitate the administrative work of the applicants and the Housing Authority and prepare for the electronic application in the long run.

The Li Tsui Court, located at No. 608, Lai Chi Kok Road, Cheung Sha Wan, provides 2,545 flats of 184 to 452 square feet. The market price is 40% off and the price is 932,500 to 3.062 million. It is expected to be selected at the end of next month.