Agile Chen Zhuoxian 11.3 billion won the Lantau Mountains

Agile Chen Zhuoxian 11.3 billion won the Lantau Mountains

The land of Lantau Island South Road was won by the Chen family of Agile (03383) for 1.13 billion yuan. The land price per floor was 12,700 yuan, but it was the same as that of the land in December last year (00083). The land price was 28. %.

The Government has continued to promote the low-density western housing estates in Changsha, Lantau. The land used for the South Lantau Road (the 332th Lot No. 738) which was closed last Friday is a large one in recent years. The building can be built with 88,695 square feet. In the end, Chen Zhuoxian, vice chairman of Agile, who won a number of outlying islands in recent years, defeated 8 developers with 1.13 billion yuan.

Large-scale landscape

Calculated by land for building, the floor price of each floor is $12,700, which is the upper limit of the market valuation. Compared with the land of Changsha No. 765, which was acquired at the end of last year, the land price of the building is 28% lower than that of the land area of ​​17,600 yuan. The land landscape No. 738 awarded this time was finer and larger.

With reference to residential sites approved in the vicinity of the Changsha area of ​​Lantau Island for nearly 5 years, the floor price of each floor is between $7,997 and $19,700. The land with higher land prices is both sea and small-scale land. It also lacks sea view and adjacent to the Rock Bay. The No. 766 plot was won by the manufacturer Gao Song at RMB 160 million in October last year, and the floor price was 6,753 yuan. The winning bid price was 89% higher than that at the time, reflecting that the developer’s bid was positive.

The winning Agile Chen Zhuoxian won a lot of outlying islands and bungalows in the past few years. Apart from the same district in 2017, he won nearly 20,000 yuan each. In the same area, the sea view houses in the same area, in 2014, it was also 21 million yuan. Purchased a Ping Chau Ocean Premises and later purchased another commercial and residential land on the island from investors.

The construction and interest cost per square foot of land is about 5,000 yuan. After taking into account 10% of the “water supply" floor, the total investment of the project is about 1.618 billion yuan. The investment per square foot is about 16600 yuan. If it is 20% development In terms of profit calculation, it is estimated that the actual price of the dismantling and selling will reach RMB 24,900, and the new disk price of Gaotong District will be nearly 20%. At present, the WHITESANDS, which is 4 years old in the same district, has a practical price ranging from 19,400 to 23,400 yuan last year. The price of the sub-district road will be 6% to 28% higher in the future.