New disk temporarily 500 transactions this month, a sharp drop of 74%

New disk temporarily 500 transactions this month, a sharp drop of 74%

Affected by the Lunar New Year and the pace of adjustment of developers, in February, nearly 500 transactions were temporarily recorded, a sharp drop of nearly 74% from January. The turnover was about 6.5 billion yuan, down 63% month-on-month. In contrast, 12 cases were temporarily recorded, with a decrease of nearly 70% on a monthly basis.

Since the beginning of this month, nearly 500 transactions have been recorded, with Yuen Long Shang Yue. Ling sold about 77 cases, the highest cost month. This month, there is no shortage of large-scale luxury residential transactions. The Shouson Hill Deepwater Bay Trail 8 has won over 520 million yuan for two big buyers, and the same district Shouson Peak also sold one for 240 million yuan. However, compared with the overall turnover of more than 1,900 in January, the sales volume in this month dropped significantly, falling nearly 74%, and the transaction amount was only about 6.5 billion yuan, down nearly 63% from the previous month of about 17.4 billion yuan.

This month, affected by the off-season of the Spring Festival, developers have significantly slowed down the pace of launching. No large-scale new launches have been launched. It is expected that a number of new launches including South West Kowloon and the Discovery Bay will be launched next month, which is expected to drive new The atmosphere of the plate is up again.

About 12 cases were ordered to fall back nearly 70%

This month’s temporary record of 12 cases was reduced by 70% on a monthly basis, including 6 houses in Tseung Kwan O, which were sold in the form of internal transfers last month. In addition, Shatian Yulongshan sold 8 blocks of Room B, Room B, 63rd Floor, with an area of ​​2,505 square feet and another 1,107 square feet. The transaction price was 73.88 million yuan, and the price was 29,493 yuan, a record high project cost.