MONTEREY first recorded second-hand deal Open 5.4 million

MONTEREY first recorded second-hand deal Open 5.4 million

Second-hand warm-up, Tseung Kwan O MONTEREY recorded the first-hand second-hand transaction, open-type units with 5.4 million yuan, the price of 18,700 yuan, less than 2 years appreciation of 24%; another new buyer is willing to bear 200,000 yuan SSD tax expenditure.

Practical 288呎 Owner immigration cash

Lin Zhijian, the sales manager of Midland Realty, pointed out that the high-rise room G of MONTEREY 6A is 288 square feet. It is an open-type unit. Since the owner’s immigration cash, the unit was released in December last year with 6 million yuan, and finally sold out at 5.4 million yuan. The price is 18,750 yuan, which belongs to the first second-hand transaction of the project, and the price is close to the level of Tianjin.

In March 2017, the original owner purchased the unit for 4.371 million yuan, holding the goods for nearly 2 years, and the book profit was 1.029 million yuan, an appreciation of 24%. Since the holding of the goods is not enough for 3 years, the transfer price is 10%, that is, the additional stamp duty of 540,000 yuan, of which 200,000 yuan is borne by the new buyer, together with the commission of 54,000 yuan, and the expenditure of 127,000 yuan when purchasing the unit. The actual profit was about 510,000 yuan.

Secondly, second-hand trading was booming, and Dongyong District recorded 6 transactions in 2 days. Li Ting Court Real Estate Senior Division Director Guan Tengda revealed that in the past two days (February 23 and 24), a total of 6 transactions were recorded in the district, and the transaction price of the unit has recovered at a lower level, including the 2nd floor of Block 6B in Donghuan. The utility area is 482 square feet, and the two-bedroom storage room is sold for 6.43 million yuan, and the price is 13,340 yuan.

Tung Chung 2 days 6 sale East Ring 6.43 million for sale

Compared with January this year, the same low-rise units belong to the 2 bedroom suites with an area of ​​484 square feet. The transaction price was as low as 5.8 million yuan. In comparison, the housing price of the 2 bedroom homes rose by 11%.

In addition, in the 6 housing estates of the Olympic Station, a total of 9 transactions were recorded in 2 days, of which there were no large transactions of more than 20 million yuan, including a low-rise B room in the Dibai Bay, with a saleable area of ​​1,003 square feet. 23 million yuan, the price of 22,931 yuan.