No. 90, Repulse Bay Road, built 89,000 projects

No. 90, Repulse Bay Road, built 89,000 projects

Changshi (01113) No. 90, Repulse Bay Road, Southern District Super House Building, sold the No. 3 house at RMB 5.038 billion yesterday. The price of 88,899 yuan was the second highest. The project was located at the Baijijiao Yitang Bay in Tai Po. 8 yesterday, the price increase and push a new batch of 56 people on Saturday (30th) for sale, the average price of the real price is 14,800 yuan, and the price increase is about 2% to 3.5%.

Changshi launched No. 3, Repulse Bay Road, No. 3, and the double-decker was on a single-day tender yesterday. That is, the sunset was sold at 5.0388 billion yuan. The practical area of ​​the house was 5,668 square feet. The interval between the four suites was priced at 88,899 yuan. . The property has a total of 11 bungalows with a usable area of ​​5,347 to 5,915 square meters. So far, there are 6 towers, and the cash is nearly 3 billion yuan.

Yi Yi Wan 8 price increase and push 56

Tian Zhaoyuan, co-director of the company’s sales department, said that Yi Yiwan 8 has so far accumulated 317 gangs, cashing over 2.7 billion yuan, and the sales are ideal. The group has also added a new 56-pound price list for Yi Yi Wan, which is higher than the previous batch. The price increase is about 2% to 3.5%, the discounted price is 851.77 million to 11.9115 million yuan, and the average price is 1.48 million yuan. It will be sold on Saturday. In the first quarter of the same class, Kwun Tong Kaihui has sold 202 gangs and cashed over 2.8 billion. yuan.

Vanke Real Estate (Hong Kong)’s Tuen Mun Sau Yeon also issued a new sales arrangement yesterday. A total of 251 teams were sold on a first-come, first-served basis and on a tender basis. Zhou Minghao, director of marketing and customer relations department of Vanke Real Estate (Hong Kong), said that it is the first to push 9 groups of rooftops and more than 80 standard households. Even the rooftop units will refer to the same type of units in the same district. The price can reach 20,000. Yuan or above, expected to create a new high. The developer also partnered with Schneider Electric to introduce a smart home system for even rooftop units. According to the sales arrangement, the two houses were also tendered for the first time, with a saleable area of ​​2,707 to 2,734 square feet.