Tianfuyuan 3 room green table sells 4.9 million broken top

Tianfuyuan 3 room green table sells 4.9 million broken top

The value of HOS flats has risen rapidly with the private building. The 3 flats in Tin Fu Court, Tin Shui Wai, have just been sold at an unpaid land price of $4.9 million. The price of the flat has reached $7538. The property price and the price of the flat have not reached the highest record of the unpaid land premium.

Xiangyi Real Estate Branch Manager Xie Liguan said that Tianfuyuan O is the top 5 room of Shanfuge, with a practical area of ​​650 square meters. It was awarded the unpaid land price of 4.9 million yuan in the same area, and the price was 7538 yuan. Breaking the record of 4.85 million yuan and the price of 7462 yuan from the 5th floor of the Yi Fu Court in Block P last November. In 2010, the owner purchased the upper site with an unpaid land premium of 1.085 million yuan, earning 3.815 million yuan (about 3.5 times).

After 90, add 50,000 to win the Xinsheng Court

Fanling Homes Xinsheng Court is now chasing prices. Li Yongge Real Estate Regional Director Chen Yongqiang said that the lower floor of Room F, Xincai Pavilion, Block F, has a saleable area of ​​401 square meters. The two rooms are separated and sold at a land premium of 4.25 million yuan. Since the unit has been bidding for 5 groups of buyers at the same time, there are “post-90s" buyers who purchase the unit and spare no expense to add 50,000 yuan to the land price of 4.3 million yuan. The price is 10,723 yuan. The original owner purchased in 1993 with an unpaid land premium of 534,400 yuan, and the book value was 3.761 million yuan (about 7 times).

According to the news, He Wentian Yulongju 2 low-rise D room, with a practical area of ​​792 square meters, 3 rooms separated, was originally sold in April last year for 12 million yuan, but in June of the same year was ordered by the buyer, the original owner in the same month The unit was re-sold for 13.5 million yuan, just reduced to 12.1 million yuan, and the price was 15,278 yuan. In 1998, the original owner levied 3.38 million yuan to purchase the property, and the book value rose by 8.72 million yuan (about 2.6 times).