He Wei, a record of 280 million ring green gardens

He Wei, a record of 280 million ring green gardens

Last year, the property market was in high spirits, and celebrities chose to stockpile profits. The top-level characteristic households of the two groups of the Peak and Cuiyuan, which were held by the late Ship King and the Chairman of the Huaguang Aviation Industry Group, were sold for a total of 280 million yuan, creating the largest transaction ever.

According to the Land Registry, there are 1st and 2nd floors on the top floor of Block B of Huan Cuiyuan. Each has a rooftop area of ​​2,593 square feet. The 2nd room has a usable area of ​​2,399 square meters. In February this year, it was transferred internally by 140 million yuan. A total of 280 million yuan was involved. According to the agency news, the above two groups have been opened up as connected households, meaning that the total price of 4,992 square meters, the transaction price reached 56,090 yuan, regardless of the silver code or the price of the real estate.

Purchased 23 times in 1985

Looking up the company registration office, the above property was originally held by ACT I INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. The company’s directors include Zhao Shiguang’s wife, He Wei and other three people. However, they all resigned as directors in December last year and were replaced by new buyer Liang Hui. The directors, then the new buyer, made an internal transfer in February, meaning that the two groups had changed hands in the form of equity transfer as early as last year. The transaction price was similar to the internal transfer price. According to the two groups’ purchase price of 1.25 million in 1985. The transfer was appreciated by 268.4 million yuan (about 23.1 times).

According to the news, D pit Y.I high-rise room B, the practical area of ​​1005 square feet, even the parking space to 31 million yuan, the price of 30,846 yuan, the property price and the price of the building hit a new high. The original owner was CHAU SIK MING SIMON. The Chinese and English names were the same as those of the former Asian sister Zeng Min. According to the 2006 purchase price of 14.08 million yuan, the book value increased by 16.92 million yuan (about 1.2 times).

According to the Land Registry, Room 1 of the middle floor of Block A of Weihao Court in the Eastern Mid-Levels has a usable area of ​​1638 square feet and 4 rooms. On the 18th of this month, the parking space was sold for 70 million yuan. The price was 42735 yuan. The buyer was deceased. Gong Zi face king Wang Wenxuan niece Zhou Weili. According to the information, Zhou Weili only pays a total of 2.95 million yuan in printing price of 4.25% of the property price, which means that it is the first form to enter the market. The original owner retired to 34 million yuan in 2010, earning 36 million yuan (about 1.1 times).