The Hung Hom Station is not in charge of the goods

The Hung Hom Station is not in charge of the goods. The committee insists that safety is not necessary.

The Independent Investigation Committee of the Hung Hom Station of the MTR (00066) Sha Chung Line reported the incident of the project after 46 days of hearing and submitted an interim report on the 25th of last month. Chief Executive Lin Zhengyue and the Director of the Bureau of Transport and Housing, Chen Fan, held a press conference yesterday to confess the content, saying that the structure reached a safe level and there was no need to rebuild or reinforce it. However, Lin Zheng stressed that for those who do not meet the requirements of the law and the contract, the authorities “must be fully accountable." Some experts have questioned that the conclusion of the interim report was drafted by the authorities at an early stage. At present, the rebar test at Hung Hom Station is still in progress. Regardless of the test results, it is estimated that the final report conclusion will also consider structural safety.

According to the interim report, the government representative lawyer said at the hearing that it is still too early to judge whether the structure is safe or not. However, the committee disagreed and explained that the eastern continuous wall was arbitrarily altered, but it would not cause damage to the structure. The impact, even the “better practice"; the design of the platform is “conservative", the load has the support force, so even if there are “less and less" steel bars are not completely twisted into the screw cap, the structure The impact is also negligible.

How many pens must be twisted into the screw head

However, there is a foreshadowing of the report, which means that there is an uncertainty, that is, how many laps does the steel have to be twisted in to ensure safety? Expert witnesses hired by MTR and Leighton said at the hearing that it would be safe to twist the steel screw head into the screw cap 6 turns.

However, on February 18, the MTR tested the steel bars and screw caps that were twisted into 6, 7 and 8 turns (11 turns of the screw head), but found that 17 of the 18 samples twisted into 6 turns were not The broken steel bars have been loosened, and the four tensile strengths are even less than the standard. However, the above test results were revealed at the end of last month. However, when the committee wrote the report, the expert Don McQuillan still only received the preliminary results of the test, so he did not shake his opinion.

Experts reprimanded the test

Ni Xueren, a senior civil engineer, criticized that the sarcophagus test is still in progress, but the report has been determined to be structurally safe, and there is no need to continue the test. He added that the committee had made such a categorical ruling before a large number of tests had failed. It is clear that there will be little chance of overthrowing in the future: “This is the result of the government’s formulation. The committee and expert witnesses, including the Institute of Engineers, endorse in accordance with the established role. Regardless of the results of future inspections, it should not be overturned (current judgment)."

Mrs Lam said that the Government agreed that the Commission’s ruling could relieve the community’s concerns about project safety. As a result of widespread concern, it accepted the advice of Chen Fan and the expert advisory group to continue the MTR’s three-stage “comprehensive assessment strategy". The inspection is expected to be completed in the next month. The Government is not only pursuing project safety. It also requires integrity and integrity of the project and compliance with laws and contracts. Otherwise, it will affect the reputation of Hong Kong’s engineering standards. It happened." As to whether the Hung Hom Station will not be rebuilt or reinforced? Lin Zheng and Chen Fan did not respond positively.

Chen Fan: I am willing to shoulder responsibility

In addition to a number of recommendations [Table 1], the report also named the MTR and the main contractor Leighton overseeing the problem, but there was not much to do with the responsibility of the Hong Kong Government. Chen Fan said that in the issue of the Shazhong Line project, regardless of the government or the MTR, “if you do a good job, you will start to make a good channel." As the director of the transportation room, he can’t escape the responsibility. He is willing to shoulder responsibility. .

The MTR responded and was pleased to hear that the Committee was satisfied that the station had reached a safe level, but expressed disappointment with Leighton’s performance and reserved the right to pursue it.