Shazhong Line Report: Still safe, no need to rebuild and rebuild

Shazhong Line Report: Still safe, no need to rebuild and rebuild

The mid-term investigation report on the shearing steel incident at the Hongye Station of Shazhong Line was released. The investigation committee considered that the project was not constructed according to the contract, but it reached a safe level and the platform was not required to be rebuilt or rebuilt.

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Chief Executive Lin Zhengyue said that the government not only requires engineering structure safety, but also quality, integrity and integrity, and legal compliance, and is indispensable. The authorities also said that investigations are still going on, and it is difficult to say whether the Shazhong Line can be opened as scheduled.

The Independent Investigation Committee of the MTR Sha Tin Central Line project submitted an interim report to the Government last month. The report was made public yesterday. The Commission made a ruling on the construction of the continuous wall and platform of Hung Hom Station, including that the works were not carried out in accordance with the requirements of the works contract; however, the Commission considered that the project reached a safe level. The report also lists 22 recommended measures to promote safety and ensure the quality of the project.

Regarding whether the Hung Hom Station project involves cutting short steel bars, the Committee considered that a batch of films and photos that flowed out last year were not sufficient to prove that the screw caps were improperly connected. The report believes that the rebar has been cut short, and it should be done by the workers of the sub-contractor, but it is an individual incident and unsystematic. The committee also said that it was difficult to obtain helpful information from the two populations of Fan Xun at the hearing, and that the two only focused on maintaining their own and company reputation.

The Committee also considered that during the hearing, no evidence was submitted or submitted to prove that the steel bars used in the manufacture of continuous long iron cages or their screw caps were illegally cut off; the Commission also had no reason to question whether the structure of the continuous wall was complete. In addition, the evidence of Pan Weihong, the managing director of Zhongke Xingye, was credible, and some paragraphs were covered. The committee only accepted Pan’s repeated inspections of steel bars.

As far as the platform structure is concerned, the committee believes that even if there are as many as half of the screw caps connected to the bottom of the platform of the east and west corridors, the structural integrity is not damaged. The Committee was informed that the independent expert believed that it was unnecessary to dig the bottom of the platform and that it would pose a danger to workers and that this should be avoided. The committee accepted the expert opinion and thought that there were few cases where the steel screw cap was not completely twisted. It is believed that it is not enough to question the structural integrity.

Chief Executive Lin Zhengyue said that the authorities will conduct a full investigation. Even if the platform is safely up to standard, the quality of the project and the integrity of the project will not be a problem.

Chen Fan: Still under investigation, it is difficult to estimate when to open

The Secretary for Transport and Housing, Mr Chan, said that the work of the investigation committee, the MTR and the government experts is still in progress. The results of the investigation are still waiting to be made. The construction and quality of the Hung Hom Station project is still pending. It is not possible to assess when the Sha Chung Line will be open to traffic.

Zhao Bingquan, former assistant academic director of the Engineering Department of the VTC, said that the report said that the Pan Xun workers had negligence or violations when installing steel bars, legally constituted unfinished contracts, or were subject to civil claims.

Ni Xueren, a senior civil engineer, believes that before the ultrasonic steel bar test is still completed, the report concludes that the structure of the platform is safe. It is believed that it is difficult to restore public confidence.

Pan Yuhong described the incident of steel bar shearing as a headless case and urged the police to investigate as soon as possible.

A spokesman for the MTR said that it was pleased to learn that the station was satisfactory in terms of safety and that it was not necessary to rebuild or reinforce it. It was stressed that the Committee was also satisfied that the shearing of steel bars was an individual act and was not systematic.